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NEW RELEASE: Raging Stallion’s “Guilty as Sin” Is a Flip-Fuck-Heavy Tour de Force of Furry Muscles and Lusty Secrets


Where there's a will there's a way...to a whole lot of trouble. In Raging Stallion's upcoming release Guilty As Sin the tension both familial and sexual boils over when tech mogul Lawson James learns of indiscretions within his family and makes plans to solidify his living will. This jumpstarts a plethora of backstabbing and ass fucking, which I guess could also be considered backstabbing but more enjoyable!

Directed by Tony Dimarco (check out his Cybersocket interview here) and Ben Rush, the guys who brought you the awesome Ride or Die series, it stars many of Raging Stallion's rugged top players: Jack Andy & Cole Connor (watch their Cybersocket LIVE appearance here) along with Romeo Davis, Chris Damned, Beau Butler, Drew Valentino, Lawson James, Derek Kage, and Jackson Radiz. The first scene between Valentino and James begins streaming TODAY with the DVD and digital download available next week at the Falcon/NakedSword store next week.

James (bottom) and Valentino in a sordid 69.

As James' employee, Valentino wants to make sure his handsome salt-n-pepper daddy of a boss is well taken care of. He also wants to remind him that he's more than just an underling, so Valentino does all he can to be of service to his hirsute head honcho by getting under him. Watching these two fuzzy studs suck and fuck the jizz out of each other is a Daddy and Daddy-In-Training visual spectacle that never fails to thrill. The sight of Valentino with first his driving tongue, and then his driving hard-on buried deep in James' hairy hole is what Muscle Bear porn is all about.

Butler takes Kage's hole before his gets owned.

I can't honestly determine which is hotter, watching Butler bang Kage's tight muscular ass, or watching Butler sink his furry buns down over Kage's thick hard meat. Either way, they're a blistering duo who takes each other's mouths and assholes in the most delicious manner. Kage is Butler's doorman, and secret boyfriend and the sly flirtatiousness between the two is scintillating with their sly smirks and winks as they work up to stealing some alone time. And damn do they make the most of that time!

Radiz isn't solo here as he rides Andy's pole.

Andy is a simply stunning Daddy as he takes advantage of coworker Radiz's need for dick. As security experts they wind up filming Butler and Kage's torrid episode, making them so horned up for each other they forget their wives and take hold of the cock in front of them. Like the song says, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. Not sure how much love is involved here, but it's definitely a whole lot of masculine lust. Radiz turns into a bottom pig for his hawt buddy taking his long pipe deep in his canal.

Valentino on the receiving end of Connor's cock.

James contacts Valentino in an emergency call with a message for layer Connor to change his will. Luckily the two are already deep in each other's assholes at the time so, yeah, message received! Along with several inches of hard man-meat. In another exciting flip-fuck, the two well-defined hotties take each other's crevices with fervid desire, pounding throats and asses until Connor's stunning bod is coated in cum.

(L-R) Damned, Butler, Davis

It wouldn't be a Raging Stallion release if Butler wasn't at some point getting it from both ends, and luckily they close this affair with just suck a stunning bang. The company security heads Damned and Davis knows how to make someone give them head, and more. And Butler is always up for getting down! Playing his previous incarnation's twin brother here, the two brothers confront each other in the boardroom over who will gain control of their father's company.

When Butler #2 fails to wrest that control, his brother seals his fate by ensuring that security guards Davis and Damned will be financially compensated if they take care of the traitor. With parting instructions to bend him over the boardroom table, Butler #1 leaves his brother to the guards' devices. Using their massive pummeling cocks on both ends of Butler's body, Damned and Davis make sure that no hole goes unfilled as they teach him a lesson he'll never forget. (Nor, I think, would he want to!)

Scenes from Guilty As Sin start dropping at Raging Stallion Friday the 14th. Go check them out by hitting that pic below!

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