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Closing Out Hispanic Heritage Month With Our Favorite Hollywood Hunks


It's the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, and God knows all of us gays love (and lust) over our Latin Lovers. Whether it’s a thick sexy accent, deep dreamy eyes, or just a butt you could eat breakfast off of, there is just something about those Hispanic Hunks!

These studs have been an object of our desires for years, all throughout Hollywood history. Let’s have a look at some of Classic Hollywood’s Hispanic Hunks. 

Ramon Navarro

This Mexican-American actor was a huge star in the silents and early talkies, in no small part to his which he proudly showed off in silents like Ben-Hur. In the 1930s he played Latin Lovers in such racy early films like Call of the Flesh, The Pagan, and The Barbarian. No, these aren’t the names of gay porns, but they totally could have been, right?!

A closeted gay man, Navarro met a tragic death in 1968 when he was murdered by two young male prostitutes. He remains a symbol in Hollywood and gay history.

Cesar Romero

Today Cesar Romero is probably best remembered as the original Joker on the 1960s Batman TV series, but as far back as the 1930s and 40s this dashing Cuban was making a stir playing opposite on the scene playing character villains. We would have loved to be bad with bad boy Cesar Romero. Much has been speculated about whether this lifelong bachelor was actually a friend of Dorothy... 

Ricardo Montalban

Before the hit TV series Fantasy Island and the Cult Classics Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, Mexican Born Ricardo Montalban was showing off his dance skills in classic MGM musicals in the late 1940s. We also got to see him shirtless a few times when he made some of the famous pool movies with swimming star Esther Williams. A wet Latin dancer? Works for us! 

Fernando Lamas

Another Latin Lover who appeared in MGM Musicals at the same time was Fernando Lamas. 6 feet and 4 inches of Argentinian hotness, Fernando was known for playing dashing and heroic characters, saving such legendary leading ladies as Elizabeth Taylor and Lana Turner.

Not always happy with his personae, he once complained about being “not able to shake the Latin Lover image.” Fernando, why did you want to?! Another famous quote “I would rather look good, than feel good” basically sums up all gorgeous men out there, doesn’t it?

Fernando’s son Lorenzo Lamas is also a definite Hispanic Hunk that we could see ourselves with, especially in those soft core erotic thrillers he made in the early 90s. Before we found the real stuff that was often our best source of erotica…

Such modern stars as Andy Garcia, Antonio Banderas, and Javier Bardem continue Hollywood’s and gays’ appreciation of the fucking hot Hispanic!


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