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Pornstache: WeHo’s New Butt-Bumpin Bash


Hey, sluts! It's your boy AJ Sloan. ✌ Last Sunday night I had the honor & privilege of guest hosting Pornstache at WeHo's Stache, alongside host Sir Fernando.  This party has everything: jockstrap giveaways, an in-house boutique thanks to BondMen, fetish-filled live shows, sexy sweaty gogo guys shaking all of their god-given bits and pieces, and drink specials all night. The music was on point and the cruising was in full swing. With so many butts and bulges on display, it was only a matter of time before folks were swapping spit and putting fingers into all the right places.

Los Angeles-based photographer/artist Dan Duran was in attendance sporting a hot leather lewk and an even hotter bulge. And this boy knows how to rock his very own pornstache. Everyone get in line for the mustache ride of a lifetime.

Decked-out dudes from near and far attended, and we even had some royalty drop into party with us. Easily one of Hot Dog Sunday's finest, the one and only King Dwarf graced us with his awesomeness alongside his beefy beau, pornstar Joel Someone, and may have been sited locking lips both on and off the dance floor.

Visiting in from NYC were the creative duo who bring the epic annual Pines Party to Fire Island, Guy Smith & Robert Montenegro. These two heathens are always a blast to kick it with, and their energy only to the naughty vibes this party was already balls deep in.

All night long, we were entertained by all sorts of kinked-up live shows...

And of course, our sexy gogo boys Vic, Timber, Greggo, Tyler & Birthday Boy Brian...

...and some of our favorite locals that we know and love. ❤️‍

I can't wait for the next Pornstache So much so that I won't be shaving my barren upper lip for the next 30 days in preparation. After all, a theme is a theme. Mad respect, and catch you next time. ✌


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