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Men At Play: Psychologist Gustavo Cruz Teaches Dan Tyser to “Just Relax”


Over at Men At Play, Dan Tyser is their latest bottom bear stud in a suit. In Just Relax with top man Gustavo Cruz, Tyser is a businessman who needs to overcome his fear of speaking in public if he's going to succeed. His psychologist Cruz has him working on exercises that don't seem to be going too well, so Cruz tries a more sensual and gratifying approach. The two Europeans look fantastic together as their suits dangle from their muscular bodies. Throw in some sheer sock/foot fetish kink and this scene satisfies on so many levels!

As Tyler opens up about why he's getting nervous and how he feels about Cruz, his doc gets closer and closer, a hand on his shoulder, a finger brushing his bushy beard, a comment about his beautiful blue eyes, and the patient is relaxed enough to engage in some sensual physical exercises. Unzipping his fly, Cruz hauls out his impressive uncut slab - fleshy, long, and thick. Tyler swallows it down like it'll save his soul.

Tyler has edible buns.

Cruz has his own oral needs, and he moves his patient to his hands and knees on the chair so he can get at his furry butthole. Licking and chewing away at the fabric of his trousers, he makes them wet with this tongue and spit before shucking them down past his waistline to reveal Tyser's gorgeous hairy crack. He spreads it and dives in using his full force as he tongues that hole, slurping and breathing heavily as he gasps for air between dives between that flesh.

Giving time to Tyser's sheer stocking-covered feet, the good doctor can't help but get that in his mouth as well, tonguing the feet and toes beneath eh thin fabric, making the other man squirm with desire, pushing his ass back for more attention. This isn't lost on Cruz who gives his ass a few more lapses before standing to press his beastly-thick pipe against that tight puckered hole.

Working his way in, he impales the man on his manhood, groans, and moans erupting from Tyser as his hole is wrecked by the fat schlong. Cruz has a low guttural groan as he pummels the bottom's backside which makes this all even sexier, a grunting, animal sound as he takes what he wants.

Tyser's need for hard cock up his ass seems to know no bounds as he allows Cruz to take him in several positions. Riding his meat as Cruz sits in a chair, he gets to see his hawt dad bod with his shirt unbuttoned, his tatted pec and bouncing dick adding to the view as Cruz's pistoning pole works him from below. Moving up against a wall, then back down on his back, Tyser can't get enough.

It must be the socks that really do it for Cruz, sucking and licking the sheer material more as he works himself up to a manly frenzy. Tyser unleashes his cream all over his tie which sends Cruz over the edge, standing to jack his spunk all over Tyser's eager and upturned face.

Click on that pic below to be taken directly to Men At Play and watch the whole scene for yourself.

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