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Flashback Friday: Falcon Studios’ Outdoor Flip-Fuck With Super Studs Ed Wiley and Holtz


For Flashback Friday, we head back to 1984 and the winner of "Best Video of the Year", Ramcharger, released by Falcon Studios' Jocks line. Starring ten serious fuck-hounds of the day, this scene with Ed Wiley and Holtz is about as sexually intense as they come. Wiley, with his lean muscular body, light chest hair, porn stache for days, and hauling a 13-incher between his legs seduces and flip-fucks with Holtz, a tall, equally muscular blonde.

Wiley sucks on Holtz for a while.

Driving along the coast, the walking blue-collar fantasy Wiley spots Holtz maneuvering his canoe in the lake down the hill. He stands by his Ramcharger truck, sun glinting off his shades, and pulls out his massive cock to wank it slow and assuredly as he fantasizes about sex with the athletic blonde. He's so damn good-looking and he's shot so well with the sun on his hot bod that this solo would have been enough for me. But there's always more!

Still panting from shooting his thick load over his hands and spilling hisses on the ground, he winds his way down the trail to greet the object of his lust.

Holtz grounds his canoe, and the abundantly confident Wiley helps him out of his clothes, introducing him to his not-so-little friend. Holtz gives Wiley the head of a lifetime, sucking that fat long dong down with expertise rarely seen. And flipping him onto his face, he attacks Wiley's taut ass cheeks with a palpable hunger. His tongue invades and penetrates Wiley's hole as he grabs hold of that cock, stroking it full hard between his thighs as his balls bounce.

To give equal treatment, Holtz stands with cocksure manliness, bare and bulging in front of the horny Wiley who dives in for some serious cocksucking of his own. He may perform mostly as a top, but Wiley loves the taste and feel of thick meat sliding in and out of his throat, and Holtz's tool is no match for Wiley's prowess.

But these two incredible dicks need to go plowing, and Holtz is up first to present his ass, taken with rugged aggressiveness as his face is planted in the ground while Wiley plows his hole like a machine. Down in the dirt or against a rock, Holtz is man enough to take all that Wiley has to deliver, and Jebus Christos does have a lot to deliver, not only his flesh but his insistent energy. He's a damn piston engine working on Holtz's backside pumping in and out with a desperate ferocity.

Of course, he can take it as well, and watching Holtz pummel Wiley's butt as he clenches his teeth down on a workbook is a thing of blue-collar study beauty. Just two hawt fuckers getting their rocks off in a secluded location, grunting and heaving as the sweat covers them.

Wiley bottoms.

When the hot jizz starts flying, it's a cum bath for Wiley as he lies on his back, coated with Holtz's spunk. When he lets his juice fly, he lifts his hips up, bucking his ass as the strands start spurting to catch as much of his cream across his face and tongue as he can. Absolutely stunning.

Head over to Falcon Studios to view all the Ramcharger scenes available now.

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