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Cocky Boys: Tristan Hunter and Noah Fox’s Outdoor Flip Fuck


CockyBoys has two delicious young men in Tristan Hunter and Noah Fox. They have somewhat different looks but meld their youthful, versatile energy beautifully in the outdoor setting. Hunter is pale and tattoo-free, while Fox has a slightly harder-looking edge; darker in skin tone with a couple of well-placed tats, he matches Hunter in stamina and style as they play out their lust under an open sky.

The scene plays out some old-school park cruising with a twist. Hunter is fishing along a lake as Fox saunters by and gives a lackluster wave, hello trying to get his attention. It doesn't seem to work, so Fox goes full-tilt, stripping off his clothes and working his long dong into a full hard-on that Hunter would be hard-pressed to ignore. He stands off to the side, watching Hunter throat his line as he slaps his meat against his hand, audibly getting the other's attention. Finally, Hunter gets a clue and makes his way over.

Now from here, you think Hunter's going to play big dicked topman and take this young local for all he's worth. And that's how things start, but it's not where they finish. Fox is all about getting his hands and mouth on Hunter's cock, and when they wander to a clearing he gets his wish.

Fox partakes of Hunter's bow.

They both have beautiful big dicks, both long and thick and yearning. Fox wraps his lips around Hunter's shaft and sucks for all he's worth, making his top thrust his hips to fuck his face as he slobbers over the shaft, getting it nice and wet for his backside.

Climbing on top of Hunter he slides down his pole and rides that pony as his head throws back in the sheer abandon of all that is good and holy. His asshole is filled with pulsating, penetrating manhood and his cries rise through the trees above as his lust is almost sated.

Almost" because it turns out Hunter is just as eager to get stuffed as Fox, and he's not letting this hot piece of boy meat go before he's had his full. And as it turns out, he's the bigger bottom, ravaging himself on Fox's stiffy in several positions all over that well-worked chaise lounge.

he can't get enough of Fox's pipe as it takes his tight ass, plunging in and out while he's on all fours, on his back, or riding him cowboy style. Fox simply owns his hole and these two look fantastic together as they sweat and grind, "making the beast with two backs" until Hunter, on his back and full of Fox meat, shouts he's coming. Pretty soon his torso is slick with both of their loads and they fall into each other's arms, spent and satisfied.

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