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Cybersocket Exclusive Interview: Deity of Dick Ryan Sebastian Is Sure to Have You Gagging in All the Right Ways


It is with much pleasure that I introduce to you Ryan Sebastian.  I was lucky enough to meet this tatted-up boner maker recently, and... fuck me. Sebastian's genuine charm and mouth-watering bulge had me ready and willing to carry his babies to term.  This hot slice of sex has graced our browsers and our wet dreams with some of the hottest content out there, and he's just getting started. His on-screen presence is guaranteed to have your cock dripping precum like a broken faucet. Sebastian is a fresh face (and cock... and butt), has hit the ground running, and is just as active behind the camera as he is in front of it. Let's get to know this sexy slut a little better, shall we?

What is your adult content stage name? Ryan Sebastian

How did you come up with that name? Ryan is my middle name and my dear friend Drew Sebastian honored me with his last name.

What was your first sexual experience? When I was 11  I gave the 14-year-old neighbor boy a blow job.

Have you always been an exhibitionist? No, not always. I became more of an exhibitionist in my late twenties.


When is the first time you recorded yourself on camera, what was that experience like? Probably when I was 21 with this hot daddy cop I was dating it was fun and seemed kinky back then.

What is your ultimate goal in being a part of the adult content world? I love being the talent. But hope to get more into the film and directing side of things.

Who is your dream scene partner? Matt Sizemore.

What is your favorite kind of scene to film? A hot rough flip fuck.


What kind of scene do you really want to film, but haven’t yet? A gang bang scene.

What are you interested in more, and why – studio or fan site content? They both have their perks but I think I like studio films more it’s less work.

What has been one of your favorite scenes to date? Me and  Mack Austin he was just someone I really wanted to film with.


Has appeared on camera changed your sex life in real life? Not really my sex life was pretty on point, to begin with.

How are you the most different than the persona we see in your content? I’m kinda the same person on camera it just makes life easier that way.


What is your favorite position? Get on all fours and I’ll show you.

What is your favorite part of your body? My dick.

What is your favorite body part of someone else? Ass. I’m definitely an ass man.

What is your #1 sex tip? Always respect someone’s boundaries.

How was it filming your debut scene for Trailer Trash Boys? It was awesome. I love everyone at Ducati Studios.

Where can we find and follow you? @RyanSebastianX on Twitter and @RyanSebastianX on Instagram.

Ryan will on hand with Cybersocket for Halloween on Arenas...who know's what he will (or won't be) wearing! See you there!

Cybersocket: Plug In. Get Off. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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