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BateWorld’s “Bator Training Series” GIFs From EP 3: Outdoor Popperbating With StatikShok1


Season 5 of BateWorld.com's hot and informative Bator Training Series is well underway, and each guy has brought something unique to the table. Yes, everyone jerks off, but these guys turn masturbation into an art form. It's so interesting to see everyone's unique style and rituals. Sponsored this year by Cybersocket, Season 5 is all about exploring different bator rituals, and this week, we meet user , who takes his popperbating outside to show off his hot ritual.

New FREE episodes are released every other Friday with sexy new faces and a diverse selection of Bators, including renowned disability awareness coach Andrew Gurza, our very own adult entertainers Joel Someone & A.J. Sloan, and this week's masked, poppered stroker StatikShok1.

Here are five hot GIFS of StatikShok1 in all his poppered-up glory on episode 3 of BateWorld's Bator Training Series.

For over 13 years Bateworld.com has been one of the leading male masturbation communities online. It’s sexy, fun, and educational, with over 75k+ members from around the globe, and thousands of photos and videos submitted from users, there is no shortage of masturbation material and it continues to grow.

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