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These Sexy Gaymers Make Me a Player One With My Joystick


These gorgeous gay Mexican men share more than just country of origin and sexual orientation; they're all also out loud and proud gamers. But they're not just gay guys who happen to play video games once or twice a year, these homos are proper "gaymers." Whether unwinding at the end of a long night on their Switch, or playing something on the subway that works on airplane mode, true gaymers will find a way to enjoy the incredible plethora of beautiful games available to us today. These seven guys are also all holy-shit-hot-as-fuck, and they're "changing the stereotype of being a player."

The seven sexy best Judys consists of Alex Chacon Avena, Carlo Villarreal, Edgar Cousiño, Robbie Morningstar, Jorge Mijangos, José Luis Gutierrez, and last, but decidedly not least Dario Naderi.

It's impossible to say which of these gorgeous gaymers is my favorite (*whispers* but it's probably Dario), I figured i'd just share a bunch of their hottest content that has me drooling over my console and wishing me could be a Wii.

Game Over

A Nikona, But I Wish I Could Pikachu

I Know A Game Played On My Knees...

Do Your Controllers Hang Low?

Aw, Babe... Our First (Street) Fight

"True Friends are Those Who Love Each Other Despite Their Differences"

Happy Halloween


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