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MENatPLAY: Xavi Duran’s “Hunger” for Robbie Rojo


When you have an employer willing to pay top dollar for the finest service, you give that man what he wants, and take the money to the bank. In MENatPLAY's Hunger, Xavi Duran is a handsome, bearded Muscle Bear eager for his dinner, for his hunger to be sated. He likes his servants submissive and younger, and Robbie Rojo fits the bill with his boy-next-door affable face and smooth body. The young butler knows how to please his employer.

It's a simple matter of serving dinner, but it's a situation that can be fraught with sexual tension, especially when both men know where this will lead. It's just a matter of when. As Duran finishes his last bites and raises his glass to his full, stache-covered lips, we see his faithful servant already on his knees giving him his just desserts, and getting more than a meal for himself!

Duran's thick uncut meat is swallowed heartily by the hungry Rojo, who savors the hard yet tender meat, licking every inch of the shaft as Duran places his hand on his head, guiding and pushing him down deeper into his lap. Rojo knows how to please, stretching his mouth wide and getting his nose in Duran's pubes as he deep-throats the mighty tool, gagging only slightly as Duran's soft moans echo throughout the room.

These two bearded studs know how to use each other's talents; the more Duran physically commands his butler, the more Rojo is willing to give him all the pleasure he can. Opening his mouth to have his lips and tongue slapped with hard cock, letting his head be held in place as his throat is filled and overflowing, his ass rubbed and fondled as he goes about his ministrations..it all raises the heat to the next level.

Bent over the dining table, Dojo's pant-covered ass is manhandled by the still-hungry Duran. He shucks down those trousers and gives him a slow, passionate rimming as he grinds his beard and tongue deep in his crack. Using his hairy digits, he fingers the wet hole aggressively, tonguing and fingering simultaneously as Rojo loudly moans beneath him.

Ready to be taken, Rojo reaches back and spreads his buns, the universal code for "Yeah, sure boss. Stick it in!" Pressing his condom-covered cock hard against that willing ass, Duran eases in and quickly ramps up to a vigorous pumping, the two suited men grunting and moaning as one fills the other. They look fantastic together as their gyrating finds a rhythm that takes both to ecstasy, especially when Duran sits back in the chair bringing Rojo with him onto his lap.

Rojo's shirt has been pulled open to reveal his smooth chest and torso, his hard cock in his hand being energetically worked as his hole is filled with thick cock. It's all too much to bear and Rojo is soon spurting his juice onto the table before he's pushed to his knees, his boss' creamy load spilling down his torso.

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