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Masonic Boys: Maxx Monroe Answers “The Calling” With Mathew Figata


Maxx Monroe is newer to the Masonic Boys troupe, but he's definitely making his mark. Taller and furrier than the other young bottoms they feature, he's no less cute and "twinkish" in his demeanor and performance as he submits to the older gents who are training him in their order. In the scene "The Calling" which is "chapter two" in his ongoing story, Monroe is teamed with muscle daddy "Grandmaster" Mathew Figata, who takes him to his office.

Not only touching on a religious theme, but we also get some office-setting suit-and-tie sex for those who dig that particular kink. I personally love to see a dude's ample junk hanging out of a business suit, and Figata has more than an ample amount of equipment to work over his apprentice. He plays the part of the vocally and physically manipulative teacher well as he uses commanding tones and imposing body positions to make his student squirm with nervousness.

Pulling Monroe to his feet by his tie and pressing his buddy closely, Figata's repeated question "are you attracted to men?" as he fondles and cups Monroe's growing hard-on is quietly aggressive kink play in and of itself. When he pushes the young man, now disrobed of his ouster clothing, onto his face on the table, the boy is prone and at his master's mercy.

Prepping the hole.

Figata pulls down his drawers and begins to deliver a slow and probing rim job as Monroe moans and writhes beneath his touch, yelping out loudly when a sweet spot is touched. Figata loves working his boy's hole, masterfully tonguing the crack and pink pucker, and not forgetting the erection hanging down between his thighs. He strokes the kid's cock, lapping his balls and taking the shaft in his mouth to ease Monroe's anxious mind.

When he moves around to Monroe's face, he hauls his thick curved meat out of his trousers and presents himself to his charge, letting that pole slip slowly and rhythmically in and out of his mouth. On his knees, Monroe proves to be a natural at sucking cock, swallowing it as if he's done this before. (Spoiler...he has!)

Figata needs to see just how far Monroe is willing to go to submit his will; fucking certainly will do the trick. He bends him over the table and gruffly shoves his daddy dick deep in his ass, taking the boy's flesh and will. Monroe white knuckles the edge of the desk as his backside is assaulted by Figata's plunging pipe, ramming deep in his as his groans fill the room.

He looks great on his back, his leg resting on Figata's shoulder as the grandmaster owns him even more, but surprisingly Figata takes a bottom position when he's ready to cum, ordering him to sit on his face. This image is highly erotic, the prone older gent with the younger bottom squatting onto his tongue feeding him his hole once more as the teacher cranks out a thick load onto Monroe's yearning tongue, his mouth open and hungry to clean off the dripping sponge from the slick shaft.

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