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Bear Films: Thick and Hairy Bjorn Johnsson With Chipper Dane


In the world of mainstream gay entertainment, men like Bjorn Johnsson shouldn't exist. Men who look like Johnsson with their extra weight and sweaty hairy bods shouldn't be getting laid as much as they do.

Over at Bear Films, Bjorn Johnsson and Chipper Dane are having a hell of a good time and they don't care who knows it. Unapologetically thick and hairy, these two bulls suck and slam with absolute glee. They're not given permission to express desire and lust, they take it and run with it. Dane is a Bear Films newbie and pairing him up with the salt-n-ginger hottie Johnsson was the right move indeed.

Johnsson savors Dane's dick and isn't sharing this time.

The two share some slow, passionate kissing as they rub their hands over each other's ample bodies. Dane can't wait to get Johnston naked, stripping off his shirt to reveal his wide expanse of chest and dark ginger fur running across his front and around to his back. Full disclosure, yer boy Hank here has a thing for dudes with hair on their shoulders, and Johnsson does not disappoint.

Laying on the bed, the erotic tonguing continues until Johnston leans down into Dane's crotch taking a mouthful of meat into his gorgeous beard and swallowing heartily as Dane lets out long, pleasurable moans. But Dane loves the taste of cock too, shifting around to get some of what Johnsson has to offer. He pleases his bottom with expert sucking as Johnsson delicately works his lickable nips, tweaking his tits as Dane gets his tongue all over Johnsson's balls.

There's something about a hairy dude's furry hole that begs for oral attention, and Dane does his expert best on Johnsson's hole. Flipping him over, he buries his face deep in those plush buns and drives Johnsson crazy with his rimming, working that hole with his lips and tongue as his buddy's breath gets deeper and quicker, causing him to utter several "oh fuck, oh fuck yeah" as his hole is primed for penetration.

And when that penetration cums, it's the culmination of all that lust and energy packed into some serious pumping. On his hands and knees, Johnsson looks fantastic with his broad hairy back, humpy ass and thick thighs getting slammed back and forth as Dane takes his ass. Shot from the front, his face emits pure unadulterated joy and masculine lust as Dane pummels him from behind.

Moving to his back and then side, Johnsson can relax his ass a bit, allowing for even deeper penetration until Dane pulls out and blows his thick cream all over that expansive Bear's haunches, the sweat dripping and mixing with the hot jizz. Whew!

Head over to Bear Films by hitting that banner below and see their action for yourself. Follow them on Twitter.

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