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Active Duty: Ryder Owens & Trevor Brooks, We Salute You!



Fresh off the press! Active Duty, you have outdone yourself with Raw Recruits, and we couldn't be happier. The onscreen chemistry between costars Ryder Owens and Trevor Brooks is so tangible, you can taste it. These two bonafide studs can barely keep their hands off of each other, even before the camera starts rolling. Do you blame these babes?

When they finally call action... HOT DAMN! The sex is hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire. Can I say holy fuck here? Holy fuck! Oops, I said it. Raw Recruits is sure to have you standing at salute in all the right places  


Trevor Brooks is no stranger to putting on a show to remember and is sure to make you cream your undies.  This bro-licious babe takes dick with glee, made evident by that satisfied grin and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He gives 1000% from start to finish, showing no signs of slowing down. And that hole of his was made for cock. Watching Ryder Owens pump his ass full of cum is sure to send your eyes rolling back into your skull. And how fucking hot is it that the boots never come off, am I right? So fucking hot!


Ryder Owens, Ryder Owens, Ryder Owens... This man is pure sex on a stick.  His screen presence alone is sure to send jolts of joy down to your nether regions.  He serves cock the way god intended, HARD & RAW! ❤️‍ His natural charisma and sex appeal elevate every scene he is in, and Raw Recruits is without a doubt his most tantalizing scene to date. The way he fucks Trevor Brooks is art in and of itself. It is sure to have you milking every last drop from your cock.

Look at these two...

...taking turns feeding each other their holes

And the way Ryder looks up at Trevor before taking his inches down his throat...

...camaraderie at is sexiest


Let's all take a moment to appreciate bottoms in boots. The world needs more of them ❤️‍


Sit back, take a load off, and enjoy Ryder Owens and Trevor Brooks in Raw RecruitsYou'll be sure to blow a fat load to these two, I challenge you to hold out until the end if you can. With the eruptive cum shots that these two gift us, you'll be glad you did. But if you just can't hold it and you finish before they do, no worries. This is a gem that you will be rewatching for days to cum and will definitely have you busting your nut several times over.

Check out the full trailer for Raw Recruits below and head over to Active Duty to watch the full-length action. Follow them on Twitter here.


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