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Hot House’s Full Length “Skintight” Features Some of the Industry’s Hottest


In Skintight, Falcon Studios/Hot House has brought together Cade Maddox leading Ethan Sinns, Sean Austin, Grant Ducati, Des Irez, Jim Fit, Aiden Ward, Dakota Payne, Jake Klerin, and Jkab Ethan Dale in a series of erotic photoshoots that go decidedly more than just erotic. Directed by Trenton Ducati, Maddox is a famed photographer shooting the hotties for a new calendar, but libidos get in the way or enhance things and the cum starts flying.

While there's plenty of between-scene group play, there's no all-out orgy sequence. But that doesn't mean that this bevy of muscled, fresh-faced young men doesn't bring the energy and masculinity for an almost three-hour bonanza of sweat-dripping, flesh-pounding excitement.

Austin's hole opens for Sinns

Fellow model Austin lends Sinns a helping hand when he exits the shower to see Sinns trying to get his asshole shaved perfectly for the shoot. Of course, being so close to Sinns' beautiful ass, the muscled and bearded Austin can't help but want to get his mouth full of what's right in front of him. He plunges his tongue deep in that smooth crack and turns him around for a vigorous and spit-drenched deep-throating as he jerks his uncut meat.

Sinns gives as he gets, but it's when he starts fucking Austin that my attention was peaked. Austin has an awesome, hard, and compact body with just a hint of a treasure trail, and his opened-mouthed wonder as Sinns slams his hole until they're both drenching his cock and balls with sticky juice is the lasting image.

Ducati feeds Irez

So apparently Ducati tops as well! Nice to see his long, thick tube getting a good workout instead of just hanging and flopping he's fucked by top studs. When the group of models picks their wardrobe and starts in a group grope, Ducati and Irez sneak off to a secluded room for some fun alone time. These two cute twinks share tender kisses and some impressive cock sucking before Irez feels he needs more.

Climbing on top of Ducati's raging boner, Irez sinks down on it and works himself into a frenzy as he grinds his hips, working that dick deep into his hole. Needing a break, Ducati feeds Irez his own ass on his dick before h plants his face between those just-fucked cheeks. When he feels his edge has abated enough, he slides back in, grabs some hips, and takes them home as he slams his cock in deep until Irez's cock is covered in cum which Ducati shoves back in for a bit of breeding.

Ward's got an eye on Fit's hole.

In another part of the house, the slender team of Fit and Ward find themselves in the playroom, making use of the smooth, elongated handles of the foosball table teasing Fit's asshole as Ward sucks him before moving over to play some billiards. And by "play billiards" I mean "shive a cue stick up Fit's asshole." Saying play billiards just seems more gentle.

Their cocksucking is great, but Ward's slamming of Fit's hole after he got a cue ball in the center pocket, or something, was quite fun. Fit's tightly muscled frame looks great getting banged, and Ward's cue stick needs no dusting as he pummels Fit's backside until he's feeding his open-mouthed bottom his hot cream.

Klerin gets a Payne in the ass. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

When Klerin and Payne head off to the living room, the scruffy ginger Klerin is enamored with Payne's beefy and tatted bod, diving into his crotch to gag and sputter all over his thick meat. Bending over, Klerin is all loud moans and groans and clamping down as Payne fills his tight ass. He looks fantastic riding Payne's dick, and quite frankly these two fit in quite a few positions before Payne is spraying his spunk all over Klerin's bod.

That look on Dale's face, though!

Leading into our final scene with our star, Maddox, there's quite a bit of poolside oral pairing by all the performers before Maddox leads Dale just a few feet away to get his holes royally filled and slammed by Maddox's monster dick. His hole gets worked over by Maddox's tongue, who loves eating a tight ass! But this scene is all about Dale's buns getting over-filled by hard hot sausage.

They caught the light just right and Maddox looks amazing as the sun gleams off his oiled muscles, towering over the prone Dale. Whether taking him from behind, on his back or being ridden like a hobby horse, Maddox gives Dale a plowing that makes his face contort with pleasure until his torso is coated in man milk.

Scenes from Skintight are dropping at Falcon Studios and Hot House where you can also find DVD and Download purchase info at the Falcon/NakedSword store.

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