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Gay or Fashion Forward? “Straight” Leading Men Leading Us On.


So there are several things trending in the world of celebrities, but one that stands out is Timothee Chalamet wearing a gender-switching ensemble at the Venice Film Festival. This got me thinking about how in vogue it seems for straight (or are they?) male movie stars who have opted to break the fashion rules and let the public question their sexuality.

Let’s have a look at some of the best.

Timothee Chalamet

First up Timothee’s ensemble was clearly inspired by such gay icons as Liza Minnelli. Is there really any contest as to who wore it better?

Harry Styles

Harry has always been pretty gender fluid in the way he dresses from the get go, it’s part of his appeal. But at the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling (in which we finally get to see his butt!!!) he sported an extra gay ensemble. That open shirt and scarf is almost giving off Annie Hall vibes.

Andrew Garfield, John Legend, Seth Rogan

These three hot straight guys never looked much gayer than in their all-white suits at this year's Emmy Awards. Who’s your pick for the hottest (and who do you suspect is secretly gay)?

Kenan Thompson

Not to be outdone, Emmy host Kenan Thompson went all out with a purple ensemble to make his role as emcee just POP!

These “straight” men having the confidence to walk red carpets in daring, non-traditional looks make them that much hotter!


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