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Cybersocket Exclusive Interview: Andrew Miller is More than JUST CURIOUS!



Andrew Miller is what wet dreams are made of. This versatile king looks just as ecstatic getting railed by a nice hard cock just as much as when he is pounding away at a bubble butt bottom. And don’t even get me on the furry chest, the perfect landing pad for the fattest of loads. Watching him in action is like watching DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa (if, you know, DaVinci was hot AF and nuts deep in a dude). Andrew’s latest film, Next Door Film’s Just Curious co-starring Next Door alum Brandon Anderson, is sure to have your cock at full mast from start til (ahem) finish. Time to get curious…

Has your curiosity ever gotten you into trouble? Dish.

Mhm the most recent thing I can think of is I was hanging out and messing with this one guy for a little while, then out of nowhere his HUSBAND from LA hits me saying to stay away from his man and this and that. Needless to say, I just blocked them both and moved on.

What do you find to be the sexiest thing about your co-star, Brandon Anderson?

He has one of the most jiggly butts I've had the pleasure of working with. Definitely gonna have to go with that.

So many sexy tattoos… which one of yours would you consider your favorite and why?

The tattoo of Songbird on my left thigh. I am a giant video game nerd and the biggest BioShock fan. Songbird is a very important character in the third game and the artist did an outstanding job capturing all of the details. It is definitely my favorite one so far.

Would you rather: Top Bad Bunny or bottom for Shawn Mendez?

Bad bunny would definitely get it

What has been your favorite Next Door shoot to date?

It's hard to pin one down specifically. Honestly, this one was an absolute blast, it was really fun to be surrounded by awesome talent and to get to work with Brandon, Jayden, and Scott. The location was also super nice and I enjoyed taking a dip in the pool since it was a super hot day.

What is that part of your body that is likely to get you instantly rock hard when stroked just the right way?

There's a little part on the back of my neck kinda towards my shoulder area that if kissed the right way sends goosebumps down my body and gets me rock hard in seconds.

Is there anything specific you are curious to explore in a future Next Door scene?

I've already been in some threesomes and a gangbang so mhmm definitely more of that. The scene I did with Cody Viper where I was on a sex swing was really fun, so maybe getting to try more sexual contraptions of that style. Who knows what else I can get strapped into and fucked

What is one thing you like to do (other than sex) to stay in that amazing shape?

Lifting and staying fit is definitely a big passion of mine. I try to lift weights around 4 to 5 days a week and that's really the main thing I do to stay in shape. It's nice to be able to just focus on lifting and leave all your problems for later. If I'm not at the gym, I'm usually at home with a controller in my hand gaming.

What is one thing about yourself you think your fans might be curious about that you wouldn’t mind sharing with them?

I guess maybe not a lot of people know I come from a Hispanic background and speak fluent Spanish. I've mentioned it before a little but I also really like to play guitar and sing which is another little fun fact.

What was your favorite part shooting Next Door’s Just Curious?

I touched on it before but definitely all the great talent that I got to work with over those two days. It was my first time working with Brandon and Jayden, and it was cool to see Scott again whom I had previously worked with when I first started shooting with Next Door.

Follow Andrew on his Kleenex-worthy Twitter! And check out Just Curious, now available from Next Door Films!

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