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Flashback Friday: Raging Stallion Goes Back Ten Years to Rich Kelly’s First Scene Getting Fucked by Andrew Justice


Back in 2012 Raging Stallion brought together eight stunning muscle dudes to suck and fuck in Never Enough. No storyline, just a collection of great sex scenes captured in a simple room. Rich Kelly was one of those men, and in this his first filmed sex scene, he was lucky enough to be paired with handsome Daddy Andrew Justice. Kelly is all in, a pro from the word go leading the charge as these two muscular and hairy hotties make some seriously masculine sexual connections.

That's how you frame a face.

I call Justice a "Daddy" not because he's discernibly older or even dominant, but rather because he has a confidence and generally handsome look that is removed from youth. He's "Home Depot hot." And that's a good thing. Now personally I prefer Justice from a few years before this when he was bottoming his hairy hole to muscle stud Leo Giamani, but that's another post. But hey, a topping Justice is still a Justice worth watching.

Kelly is quick to his knees to gobble down Justice's meat, and what a slab of meat it is! Not especially thick, but long with a flared head and a killer upward curve to the last few inches. Kelly though has no problem taming that snake and choking it all the way down his throat until he's sniffing pubes, making Justice's head roll back and long steady moans and satisfaction escape his purdy mouth.

And that's how you prep a bottom.

Kelly has a dashingly handsome face all topped off with a scruffy beard that must feel amazing against his top's balls and shaft. He takes his time sucking Justice, working the full length and delighting in savoring the head, working out some extra spit as he salivates all over the prime beef. He was born to be on his knees and it shows.

Justice gets his oral play in, getting behind Kelly on hands and knees, spreading his furry crack, and tonguing that hole to within an inch of its life. Kelly's vocal appreciation is vociferous as his top works his ass, wetting, slurping, and lubing it up for a relentless pummeling. Justice knows how to service his bottom, savoring that sweet spot that makes Kelly squirm and grind back into his gorgeous masculine face.

Justice dons a condom, lays Kelly on his back and easily slides his long pipe deep in Kelly until his balls are slapping ass cheeks. Kelly is all here for it, the feel of Justice fill-in him up obviously what he was hoping for when he ventured into this porn business. With legs high in the air, or climbing on top to gyrate his ass down onto Justice's hard cock, Kelly can't get enough. Justice piston fucks the bejeezus out of his ass as Kelly rides him, bringing it all to a splashing finish when he kneels by Kelly's face and spurts his hot jizz all over Kelly's scruff and outstretched tongue.

Head over to Raging Stallion to check it out for yourself and follow them on Twitter.

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