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Disruptive Films: Roman Todd and Brandon Anderson in the Great Outdoors


What is so mysterious at Briar Basin Ranch? In the multi-part film at Disruptive Films, Dylan Diaz plays Julius Franklin, the inheritor of his father's lavish ranch which turns out to be a popular gay bed and breakfast.

You know there's mystery afoot because of all the ominous music playing through the dialogue scenes. When he visits the ranch with his wife Emma he meets the homogeneously good-looking male staff played by Roman Todd, Brandon Anderson, Dakota Payne, Andrew Miller, Blaine O'Connor, and Killian Knox.

Directed by Michael Vegas, Siouxie Q, and Jessica Jasmin, it all looks stunning, with heavy use of natural abundant light, the grounds and buildings exude bursts of color and texture that lend added beauty to the already beautiful bodies.

This first part focuses the sex mostly on Roman Todd and Brandon Anderson; I'm eager to see how the others fit into the story and who hooks up with whom.

Todd tastes his bottom before topping.

The film is filled with small surprises, not the least of which is the short and furtively-viewed sex scene between Diaz and Sins. It's seen through a crack in the door by handyman Todd who, yes, wanks his long thick dick to completion all over the couple's room service tray. Which of course Julius sees later as he exits his room.

On a walk around the grounds, Julius is shocked to come across Todd and Anderson caught "in flagrant"  in the woods. The pair seem unconcerned with Diaz's discovery and go right about their business as the land's new owner hurries off.

Settling into a heavy and fantastic sex scene, the film gives us just what we came here for: lusty outdoor sucking and fucking. In this bucolic setting, the pendulous trees and large rock formations mirror the pendulous manly equipment hanging between their legs; the hard roundness of the rock and the hard roundness of Todd's body can't be an accident. Visually it's stunning for elements you may not immediately discern.

The much larger Todd physically dominates his partner Anderson as he towers over him while Anderson is on his knees, trying to choke down as much of Todd's meaty manhood as he can. He comes off a bit like some country bumpkin servicing his dominant cousin or something. Maybe it's the overalls?

Todd gives some lip service to Anderson's impressive dick, but this is all about the fucking, and soon Todd is turning Anderson to face the rock wall, rimming his tight hole with tongue-slurping vigor.

When Todd slides his pipe deep in Anderson's ass, our bottom becomes a squirming, moaning stud bottom, grinding his ass around to get more of Todd into him. He can't get enough of Todd's relentless pounding, their flesh melding as one as the sweat runs down their muscular forms and their bodes hump and pump into each other.

Anderson gets taken in several positions, and the directors do an incredible job at using the natural landscape around them to the best of their advantage to get the men in interesting poses as thick hard meat disappears into eager hungry hole. Their coupling is exhausting; energetic, lengthy, and seemingly never-ending. These guys are fuck monsters who never want it to end.

Unfortunately, it does, when Anderson blows his load as he's banged against a tree, leading Todd to empty his nutsack over Anderson's bubble butt before shoving his cum back inside. Back at the ranch house, Julius is told how popular the ranch is, mysteries are hinted at, and we're given some brief looks at what's upcoming in future episodes. Personally, I can't wait!

Check out "Briar Basin Ranch Act 1" at Disruptive Films by hitting that banner below. Follow them on Twitter plus scene performers Roman Todd and Brandon Anderson.

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