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Jack Andy Killing Construct Vol 5: The Pressure of Photoshop & Body Positivity


I’ll admit I’ve seen some pretty bad edits with people using Facetune. And let's face it, most of them get released on Instagram without them double-checking the details in the photos and some of the background objects can be a bit “off.” We know your eyes aren’t that bright, we know some of your dicks and butts aren’t that big, and we know, GOD WE KNOW, when you’ve used wayyyy too much of that smoother feature underneath your eyes and all over your face. Facetune tip, boys: use the smooth brush twice it keeps your natural beauty inside the photo and adjusts the intensity, trust me it works better. As a matter of fact, when I edit my photos I’ve learned most of the tricks to keep me looking like me while adding depth to a picture. I try not to completely wreck what is there. When people see me, I want them to think he looks just like his pictures, as we all do.


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Now I know most of you are going to think I’m getting ready to say get rid of the devil! Ban the Facetune, natural photos, no filter! But I won’t. Instead, I’m going to tell all those little trolls there with 200 followers or less to back the fuck off. As a matter of fact, that goes to all you little trolls out there.

May I remind you that billion-dollar industries simply want a polished photo? They need it for their ads and their print work. Even if it's an old couple shopping at a grocery store, or a commercial for Applebees, that shit is all edited. It’s polished. It's an advertisement like your Grindr or Scruff profile. Ya know the one that gets you laid? Or may not get you laid if your picture is a close-up of your ass cheek, a foot, an eyeball, or anything else blocking us from seeing the real you. First of all, I’m a personal trainer, so my advertisements of myself need to be on point. I can’t take a less-than-flawless picture sometimes I feel like because I have a reputation to uphold. Even more on my JustForFan’s page (daddyjackandy btw) the pressure is even higher placed on me BY YOU that I look the way I look.


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Do you know how many times I’ve been yelled at online because I trimmed my hair to a #8 and people have unfollowed me because I shaved? My hair is blonde almost everywhere and you can’t see it sometimes in pics when it's short. So if I don’t run a darkening brush over it, one asshole in the comment always says something I have to endure. Times that by every day I was in the cam room for 3 years 5 days a week.

I have been told, too hairy, not hairy enough, too femme, too much talking, not enough ass, and the worst - my voice is too high. Do you realize I’ve mainly stopped filming because you little trolls are little monsters? It's also why I don’t post any talking vids and I think I’ve given you the last inch I’m gonna give ya. In the next few months when I do go live again, I’ll be waiting with this little construct we’re going to crush today.

The construct of the inner projection of your self-loathing will no longer be our burden and it shouldn’t even be yours.

Body positivity goes both ways, we allow you to do in pics what makes you feel best. Hell, we support it, we cheer it on. You do you! If you are fat, thin, femme, masc, redheaded, loudmouthed, muscly, or nerdy you have every right as much as we do to post pics that make you feel good about yourself. But if it makes me and my colleagues feel better to trim their waist, bulge a bicep or two, or simply even their chest because it's lopsided, or their dick bigger these are all things that make them feel better. It projects a fantasy on their page they want people to enjoy, and some make their living off it.

They deserve that success and they deserve to feel that way just as much as you do with one issue. Most people focused on making a living off of this even seeking stardom do not seek you out to make you feel terrible, I repeat most of them. There are a few bad eggs. So it's really inexcusable for you to take time out of your day, on Grindr, Scruff, Twitter, or Insta and drop in their DM’s to call them fake. Hunny look in the mirror. I read some of these accounts that say “spreading love” and think, this is acceptable behavior, or a profile that’s on Grindr that says “happy go lucky” or “super chill” and at the beginning of the day they say “hi” and at the end “fuck off you stuck up prick.”

Can you imagine picking up your phone to both of these messages at the same time? It's like they got on the app just to make your day bad and let you see it. If this has ever been you, your body positivity triggers are not my concern, nor is your inability to take yourself to a therapist who can help tie your triggers to your traumas and help you switch them off yourself. I refuse to feel bad because I don’t seek to make you feel bad.

Inner projections of how we see ourselves are our triggers. If you see yourself as fat and you see me as skinny and go to lurch at me because my page made you feel bad so now I need to, I don’t think so. You don’t like the body you are in, so change from within, or look in the mirror every day and say one positive thing about yourself, or go to your closet and learn to do something for yourself, put on something you feel you look sexy in, hit the makeup mirror, edit your pics to present a fantasy of you and then work towards getting yourself there. But take steps to love you. Maybe then you won’t end up hating the world. Because these billion-dollar businesses have guys like me by the balls also. Just like you, I can’t post what I want raw and unedited because it makes me, it makes us all feel like we aren’t polished. If everyone is affected by this, what makes you think that by projecting hatred on one another we’ll make it easy for any of us?

Do you even really like getting the backlash from all of it? Does it even make you feel good when we clap back? It can’t possibly. We will never learn how to respect each other while we are attacking one another. Every time I start a conversation with a new client I ask them, what is your goal to be the best version of you? Was there ever a point in time of your life you looked and felt the way you wanted and how do we get you back there? Not how much you want to gain or lose. I’ve had women that want to keep their curves but just be fit enough to walk up Runyon, and boys who just want to slim down to do drag. We all don’t even have the same idea of sexy so my own business isn’t run like there’s a one size fits all approach to body positivity. Body positivity is where you are happy in your own skin, and maintaining a lifestyle to keep that look. Be kind, and when approaching someone approach them like they also have a story to tell. I sure as fuck do, I’m 5’7” and was almost 200 lbs. Ask me about it. I’d be happy to tell you. To those of you who are ashamed of showing your body, on an app, or on social media all we really want to see is you. You never know until you’re ready to really put yourself out there who is gonna love you. I should know hiding yourself from the world only contributes to the despair.

Because if you can’t love yourself, how’d that go again?

Take care little monsters. I have pics to edit.


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A post shared by Jacob Andrew (@daddyjackandy)


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