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FetishMen: Blake Ryan Says “Wreck My Holes” and Sean Duran Complies


FetishMen brings you two incredible slabs of stud meat with Blake Ryan and Sean Duran. In their scene "Wreck My Holes" you have some Muscle Bear kink at its best. There's no kinky play with tools, toys, and various accouterments. No, this is kinky because of the nature of the beasts involved. With sparse adornments of leather and a black leather padded bench and a few decorative items against the wall, they manage to present themselves in full kink mode simply by how they engage with each other.

Ryan is pure sub, but completely in command. The very title of this scene, "Wreck My Holes," is a command given by the sub to his dom, which the dom, Duran, commits to. Ryan's mouth and ass aren't taken, they're given up for use and his pleasure. Duran is the beefy tool that serves Ryan, and it's glorious to watch. And listen to.

Ryan engulfs Duran's cock.

These men are gorgeous to look at with their equally thickly muscled frames coated in fur you just wanna paw at and pet. Their tattoos gleam as the sweat shines on their skin, and Ryan's dark-auburn ginger beard looks especially delicious as Duran's hard meat slides in and out of it. The shape and contour of their muscles running across their chests, their arms, their thighs, and buttocks are pure, rippling masculinity as they move, grind, gyrate and pump. It's a man's dance that can only end in panting and the wiping of a brow, and jizz-splashed ass.

Ryan is a cock-hungry whore willing and eager to have his throat used by all that Duran has to give him, and it's certainly more than a mouthful. As Duran leans over to spread Ryan's cheeks and finger his ass, he pumps his pipe vigorously down his bottom's throat, sometimes holding his head in place gruffly as a torrent and deliriously filthy verbiage spills from his lips. And sometimes Ryan's lips, when his mouth isn't full! The gagging and sputtering from Ryan's esophagus only add to the eroticism of it all.

Duran preps Ryan's ass.

Being versatile, Duran gets his oral play in when he knees behind his Cub, spreading his buns and slipping his tongue in to deeply and thoroughly rim his hole, making Ryan squirm and gyrate as the feeling of his wet muscle workmen over his sphincter makes him delirious with anticipation for more. It's always a grand image when a muscled dominant top orally serves his study bottom.

When it comes time for some fucking, they are simply two grunting, grinding animals in heat, giving and taking of their individual manhood until both are sated. I'm not one who appreciates the use of female-oriented vernacular and euphemism in the context of gay male sex, but when the words "yeah, fuckin' feed my cunt" issue forth from Ryan's stunning face, all I can see is his incredible beard moving and begging to get ridden, and all is forgiven.

Duran does as he's told and pumps and pummels and humps his hips with masculine vigor into Ryan's backside until he's spilling his thick cream deep in his buddy's colon, sliding his cum-slicked cock out so that drops of his seed can spill from Ryan's wrecked hole.

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