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BelAmi Online: Derek Caravaggio and Pierre Cezanne’s Artistic Performance


See what I did there with that title? Heh, I crack me up. But there's nothing funny about the sexual dynamism between Derek Caravaggio and Pierre Cezanne streaming now over at BelAmi Online. While their noms de porn might be a tad lofty, their sex is firmly grounded, just like the actual artists they derive their pseudonyms from high-brow art and living smutty, wonderfully gay lives.

Cezanne and Caravaggio...wait, sorry, those names are too long to type out repeatedly. Gonna let them go by their first names this time around. Pierre and Derek are an incredibly beautiful couple of young European men. Both deliciously muscular and tanned with hard, slender bodies..."swimmers bodies" they used to be called...they bring a sparkle and vivaciousness to their performances, evident of how into each other they quickly became on set. Apparently, Derek was a last-minute replacement for a no-show performer, and he jumped right in ready to knock this scene out of the park with rousing suck-cess!

Pierre gobbles Derek's dick.

Put together in a stunning outdoor setting, the two quickly heat up as mouth sand tongues go exploring. And what would stop them from getting so incredibly turned on? Pierre's neatly trimmed beard and brooding eyes look incredible face to face with Derek's smooth, youthful appearance. Clearly, Pierre is Derek's dream top as he can't wait to get his lips all over Pierre's body.

He attacks Pierre's luscious nipples, licking and nibbling those dark brown orbs that sit perched on hard pecs. But this is only a layover to his journey south as he makes his way down to Pierre's absolutely magnificent slab of man-meat, it's long, thick girth and veiny shaft capped off with a wide head wrapped in foreskin is a gift ready to be unwrapped and devoured. And devour this delicacy Derek does!

Pierre's no oral slouch himself though, and he takes ample time giving his son-to-be bottom some wet, sucking pleasure, swallowing Derek's equally impressive manhood down, savoring every inch as that tasty dick slides easily in and out of this handsome face.

When it comes round to fucking, these two are a force to be reckoned with. Pierre is all top, and Derek's eager ass is ready to take all he has to offer. Stretching his hole out as he's bent over, they look incredible shot from below, the camera getting every eye-popping angle as Pierre's pole eases its way in, then proceeds to drill Derek's hole with increasing vigor and energy.

Derek is taken in your usual porn positions, but damn do they make something special out of the ordinary. When Derek is finally on his back, his one leg resting on his top's shoulder, it's the magic angle that makes Pierre dump his hot load over Derek's asshole and balls, erotically moving it around with his hard-on before he works a bit of the spunk back in Derek's gaping hole, giving him a bit of breeding.

BelAmi Online can be viewed now by hitting that banner below.

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