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The Hottest Men of Star Trek to Celebrate Star Trek Day!


Today is galactically celebrated as Star Trek Day! On a personal note: I am a massive Trek fan. I grew up on Next Gen, love all the iterations, and am currently doing a full binge of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS).

To celebrate this wonderful day of nerdy joy, I figured I'd take a look back at the ten hottest men of the Star Trek franchise (in no particular order).

Ensign Travis Mayweather - Anthony Montgomery

Travis Mayweather was a pilot in Star Trek: Enterprise played by the ridiculously sexy Anthony Montgomery. If you're a fellow Trekky you'll know that Mayweather has spent his entire life on spaceships, which is fine by me because as my incredibly unique and in-depth Hinge profile states, "I love to travel."

Commander William Riker - Jonathan Frakes

Believe it or not... Commander Riker was one of the hottest men to ever grace the transporter. At times clean-shaven and at times looking like a lumberjack, Frakes' Riker was the trusted Number One aboard the Starship Enterprise, who is, without a doubt, MANY Star Trek fans' own #1. He always served the fleet with honor, and he always made me want to service him, so.. in a way... we both are patriots of the galaxy, ya know?

Captain Jonathan Archer - Scott Bakula

Captain of the Starship: Enterprise, Scott Bakula made a quantum leap into the hearts of every homo in the country when he took the helm of the Star Trek franchise. His handsomely grizzled face, his then-freshly salted hair just beginning to overtake the pepper, and still generations away from playing Lynn on HBO's Looking…Bakula tends to fall towards the lower end of the "Great Captains" lists of Trek fans, but that doesn't take away from how hot he was in the chair.

Captain Lorca - Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs may have made a name for himself playing villains in numerous shows and movies (think Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and Hap in The OA). Star Trek: Discovery was at least a partial departure from that. Playing the daddy that was Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery, Isaacs' character brings in a multiverse of issues, and he does it brilliantly, and sexilly.

Ensign Harry Kim - Garrett Wang

Harry Kim may never have been promoted past ensign (IYKYK), but dammit he's been the captain of my imagination more than a few times. Garrett Wang's boyish good looks made him one of my early Star Trek crushes and solidified himself as a fan favorite for Trek fans everywhere. For six years he served dutifully to help protect the United Federation of Planets, and for six years he remained my loving and devoted husband (...in my mind).

Capt. James T. Kirk - Chris Pine

Look... I'm not looking to get into a fight with anyone here, okay? But the actors from TOS with their boring ass uniforms and their weird smushed mouth-kissing style of the '60s just can't hold a tee to the subsequent series and actors (except Spock and Sulu). So yes... I'm writing about the sexiness of Chris Pine as Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise and not William Shatner. Chris Pine is like someone internet searched "sexy white guy actor" and this was the algorithm's resulting image. Also, it's still being debated whether Harry Styles spit on Pine at a press event, but if he's into that sort of thing we should def chat.

Mr. Spock - Zachary Quinto

I clearly woke up and chose violence, but hear me out. Leonard Nemoy was handsome as fuck for SURE. Ethan Peck, who plays Spock on Star Trek: Discovery, is also someone I have stared at in absolute awe because of his sexy scruffy Spock. But there was something about Quinto's Spock that was such an incredible marriage of everything you hope for from the role that I just have to give him the win on this one. Plus... who are we kidding? You know I'm going with the homo.

Hikaru Kato Sulu - George Takei

Okay, okay. Some justice for TOS. I'm so used to seeing George Takei as a handsome elder statesman of gay Hollywood, that I forget how fucking sexy he was as Mr. Sulu in his iconic breakout role in Star Trek: The Original Series. Takei's Sulu was brilliant, an incredible fighter with the sword, and was also shredded as fuck! Look at that body! Oh my!

Jean Luc Picard - Patrick Stewart

In what fucking universe did you think you'd read this listicle and it would not include the forever GOAT Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Picard? IN WHAT UNIVERSE?! Shame on you for even indulging the thought tbqfh. Look at that picture above. Is it from Star Trek: Next Generation? Is it from one of the subsequent movies? Or maybe it's from the currently running Picard on CBS. It's impossible to tell because Patrick Stewart basically looks the exact same no matter what the generation, and he is always hot as fuck. Yes... even today. Patrick Stewart can fucking get it. Or give it! It's honestly up to him. Just PLEASE "make it so."

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