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Young Perps: Christian Ryder Busts Malakai White for the Crime of Being Fuckable


A cocky juvenile. A bored and frustrated security officer. Horned-up cocks. While the end of the summer holiday might be behind us, you still have until tomorrow, September 8th to take advantage of the sale over at Young Perps and all Say Uncle sites.

YP's recent scene, "Seems Like You Like It" features the lanky and scruffy Christian Ryder as the security officer fed up with Malakai White's antics. His frustrations boil over into sexual energy taken out on White's eager ass when White, suspected of stealing, reacts rather lustfully to an invasive search of his person.

The long arms of the law sniffs out the long pole of the perp.

White insists on his innocence as Ryder proclaims a need for a cavity search. "Fine, if that's the only way to prove me innocent." When the tall and slender officer has the furry, well-defined young man's ass up and fuzzy cheeks spread, his gloved hand inserting one, then two fingers deep in his resisting crack. Well, resisting until he's not. Then everything's off the table when Ryder realizes White's moans and pushing back belies his pleasure.

Ryder encourages the perp's hard-on, stroking it between his muscled thighs as his groans deepen. Turning him around, he delivers an awesome blowjob, sucking the boy's meat down his hungry throat as the surprised White can't believe his fortune. The cop wannabe sucks down to the pubes, taking his pleasure as he gets the kid raring to go, fingering his ass as that cock disappears into his mouth.

Standing, Ryder's ready to get what he aimed for all along, for White's cute face buried in his pubes. His long thick nightstick slides easily down White's gullet as he "forces" him to take him all the way down. It turns out White's quite the cocksucker, slobbering, gagging, sputtering all over the girth as Ryder forces his head down, holding him in place, giving verbal commands of "Get down there; you're not done yet; I said suck it all the way!"

How about another hole? When he turns White around to rim his hairy hole he knows he's got the boy right where he wants him. Pressing his flared cockhead against his tight ring, Ryder is relentless as he presses in, ignoring the wincing of pain and groans. He knows that once he's in all the way he'll have him singing a different tune, and sure enough, White is begging for more, exclaiming how great it feels, how his hole is being stretched, how he needs it deeper. Ryder is more than happy to oblige.

White looks fantastic getting plowed on his back in a chair, his arms raised above his head, his Chucks on Ryder's shoulders. This is the position that drives Ryder over the edge, pummeling his victim until he tenses and thrusts, his hot cum spraying White's insides which we get a nice look at when he pulls out, spunk spilling out after.

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