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Breed Me Raw Finds Micah Martinez Wrestling With August Alexander’s Anaconda


Micah Martinez and August Alexander are proverbial "old hats" in this porn game, swinging their impressive cocks and delighting fans. But I can honestly say I don't recall them in a scene together until now. I could be mistaken, and feel free to call me on it if I'm wrong, but I was happy to see these two seasoned muscular bears humping and pumping over at Breed Me Raw in their scene released last week.

They both have bodies I love to watch: beefy and a bit thick, hirsute, and some tattoo accents. Oh yeah, and big ol' cocks! These two versatile studs go at each other with youthful energy when Alexander, hanging out and playing "dial-a-bottom," gets his buddy Martinez to come over and service him. Hey, he doesn't have to ask twice, as Martinez is at his door, ready and raring (and naked!) to go! These cats waste absolutely no time.

Martinez tastes his tool-and-a-half.

Alexander has an absolutely pendulous manhood swinging between his legs. It's long, it's thick, it's uncut...it's almost frightening. But not to the adventurous Martinez who's always up for a challenge. While he may not be able to come even close to deep-throating, because c'mon, it's seriously huge, he looks amazing with his handsome face in Alexander's crotch, his lips wrapped around that baby limb, stretching his mouth and stuffing his gullet.

August enjoys his oral play too, and flips Martinez to his hands and knees, spreading his furry hole and getting his tongue in deep, knowing he's going to be slitting that open soon, so he better get it nice and spit-lubed. He spends a good amount of time servicing that ass, lapping and spitting as Martinez squirms and begs for more.

Martinez has to mentally steel himself for the plowing to come; you can see the consternation mixed with excitement on his face as Alexander presses his flaring head against his puckered hole. No amount of lube can properly prep for such an onslaught, but Martinez, having had a fist up his ass elsewhere, knows how to bear down, open up, and take it like a goddamn man. And he does!

Alexander slides in...relatively, and proceeds to pummel his buddy's insides with an unnatural force, causing Martinez's eyes to roll back in his head, and on occasion, look like he may have made the wrong choice here. (He didn't.)

It's an intense, masculine pumping of flesh that has Martinez absolutely dripping with sweat from the effort, and Alexander eventually emptying his ballsack straight into his bottom's colon. Or esophagus, considering his size.


Check out the whole scene at Breed Me Raw by hitting that pic below.

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