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Falcon Studios and TheBroNetwork Team Up for a Sizzling Spanish Romp With Tyler Berg and Bastian Karim


For the first time ever, Falcon Studios and TheBroNetwork have come together in a cum-drenched collaboration with their full-length release Taking Care of Business. Eight executives are invited to their boss' Spanish villa and take the opportunity to get the most out of their work retreat, relaxing with vigorous sexual activity. Filmed entirely in Spain, it's directed by Raph North and stars Dean Young, Bastian Karim, Tyler Berg, Manuel Reyes, Angel Rivera, Pietro Duarte, Sean Weiss, and Craig Marks.

The first scene with Karim and Berg has just dropped at Falcon and it's a scorcher! The cinematography offers up countless gorgeous shots of their beautiful bods sun-drenched, water working playfully over bulging muscles, and under the pool's surface.

Berg gobbles down Karim's sausage.

Berg and Karim are stunning specimens of manhood, with their powerful muscles gleaming in the bright Spanish sun as they relax, then get wound up, poolside at their boss' place. Being the first to arrive, they find themselves surrounded by quiet solitude, and decide to take advantage of the empty villa.

Bastian gets some good screen time by himself as the camera shows off his hot bod as he discovers all the nooks and crannies of the home, stripping naked to get a taste of the pool. When Berg arrives, he's quick to shuck his clothes and join Bastian in the water before he takes him up to a balcony where he proceeds to orally service the young stud like a pro. He swallows his lengthy rod down his hungry throat giving him some expert head, but it's his rimming abilities that really shine.

Bastian's bubble butt was made to be worshiped before it's fucked, and Berg's handsome bearded face with his probing tongue looks like it was formed to feast on his hole as Bastian's thick uncut cock bounces in response.

Taking things inside, Bastian wastes no time climbing up onto a reclining Berg, planting his spit-lubed ass onto Berg's stiff pole and riding it with youthful vigor. He grinds and gyrates, seemingly unable to get enough of the (slightly) older man's meat as it plumbs the depths of his backside. On his hands and knees, Bastian is taken more gruffly as Berg slams and pumps his travel stresses away, grabbing the dude's hips and pummeling the young coworker with aggressive force.

On his back, Bastian couldn't look any hotter, his beefy chest and torso splayed out, his legs raised high, and his asshole stuff with thick cock which rams and humps until he's shooting his ropey wad. Seeing the vanquished youth covered in cream pushes Berg over the edge as he pulls out to pump his spunk before cramming his drained dick back inside that just-fucked ass.

You can view this whole scene at Falcon Studios, where additional clips from Taking Care of Business will appear shortly.

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