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BelAmiOnline’s Kieran Benning and Bastian Dufy Share a Sizzling Flip Fuck Two-Parter


Bastian Dufy and Kieran Benning are simply mad for each other over at BelAmiOnline in their steamy scene that took two parts to deliver all the goods! These two smooth, slender young men share each other's passions and holes in a flip-fucking afternoon of sucking and fucking and erotic connections that'll have you swooning. But only if big-dicked uncut handsome young men are your thing. So, you know, no guarantees on the whole swooning thing.

From the start, we can see that these two are really into each other as their big doe-eyed and pouty-lipped faces gaze at each other with a quiet lusting that comes with knowing - without saying anything - just how much fun you and this dude are about to have. When they kiss, it's slow and deliberate, the passion building as hands move gently over each other's bodies. As clothes are shed, so are inhibitions, and mouths get filled with blood-engorged cocks and the sweaty man funk of tight cracks.

Benning sucks Dufy

In part one, Benning gets the upper hand over Dufy's beautiful hole. While throughout both scenes they share plenty of deep, penetrative cocksucking and rimming, the fucking gets split up between the two parts. Here, Benning's stiff member pumps deep and meaningfully into Dufy's sweet ass, taking him from behind over a couch, or relaxing his back as Dufy climbs on top, working his gyrating hips up and down as he takes his pleasure from Benning's rising pole. Dufy is a loud bottom, displaying his satisfaction from Benning's pummeling with room-filling moans and groans as his ass is taken until Benning shoots his cream all over his tight hole, pushing a bit of it back in before Benning gets to coat his top's face with his own spunk.

In part two, it's Dufy's massive tool that does the pumping, finding the two enjoy a more romantic side-by-side positioning wherein they can share their kisses as Dufy slides his erection in and out of Benning's versatile ass. I'm not sure which one makes the better top and bottom, but I guess it matters for naught seeing how much pleasure both enjoy in both positions. Their passion, whether real or feigned, comes across as an intense connection in their kissing, their oral action, and their anal play. They simply sizzle together until their final, orgasmic, body-shaking finishes.


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