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Bear Films: Real-Life Couple Jason Ryder and Max Phoenix Show Their True Passions


When you get two horned-up hairy men together, the bears know just how to put on a show. Bears in the woods and bears in their bedrooms know that people love to watch, and sometimes that's best done at a distance. But when you get a real-life bear couple together in front of a camera, well, they just wanna show off! Performing bears, if you will.

Over at Bear Films, Jason Ryder and Max Phoenix are just such a couple. They've had sex on camera with other dudes, but not with each other. Until now. This scene is their debut as a couple performing together - it's a grunting, sweating, passion, and lust-fuel frenzy that is beautiful to behold! These two muscle bears are simple one damn hot couple. With Phoenix's smooth and tatted bod topping Ryder's furry and pierced form, it's a rolling, thrashing mass of masculinity that leaves both drenched in tasty fluids!

Phoenix takes care of his man.

From the get-go, they are aggressive, gruff, and display just a hint of their kink side. With Phoenix's leather shorts and Ryder's chains, their masculinity is accented with accouterments that only heighten an already sexy appeal. Before they ever get their clothes off they are pawing and clawing at each other, manhandling their chests and grabbing at stiffening cocks, kissing and licking pits and necks in an attempt to taste as much as they can. Quickly stripping off their clothing, they can't get at their body parts fast enough. Phoenix is on his knees sucking down Ryder's erection with hungry intensity, stuffing it down his gullet until he's sniffing pubes. Throwing Ryder on the bed, he climbs on top and begins to dominate his mate, pinning his arms down, burying his face in Ryder's pits, and spitting onto his tongue. But it's when he pries open Ryder's mouth and stuffs most of his fist inside, feeling his tongue and fingering his throat that we start seeing the nature of their kink relationship, one of ownership, it seems. "I'm going to use your holes as I see fit for my amusement when I wish" is what appears to be conveyed. And, yeah, it's hawt as fuck!

Phoenix takes care of another part of his man.

Expect that what you see in a moment isn't exactly a barometer of how things are going to go. While Phoenix is initially seemingly the top man here, it's Ryder who winds up climbing onto the top bunk as he physically dominates Phoenix. After getting some of his own sucking in of his partner's dong, Ryder flips him over and jams his erect manhood in deep, and begins to pummel and pound his way into his colon, and his heart. Figuratively. They buck and gyrate wildly, sometimes delivering actual punches to the shoulders and buttocks in a release of sexual masculinity unleashed on each other. Phoenix is just as gruff from the bottom as these two wild animals attack each other in the most erotic way - with desire, and permission - until sweat and jizz are gleaming off their spent bodies!


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