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Flashback Friday Finds Forest Rangers Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye Playing With Wood In Raging Stallion’s “The Woods: Part 1”


Going back to the winter of 2013, Raging Stallion released their full-length The Woods: Part 1. Directed by Tony Dimarco, it featured the likes of Cal Skye, Tom Wolfe, Chris Tyler, Trenton Ducati, Thomas Brand, Dale Cooper, Parker Wright, Alex Graham, Jimmy Fanz, and Zeb Atlas.

Quite a cast of well-chilled men let loose in California's great northern woods where they find mysterious forces are causing the local men who venture through the lush forest to become aroused with a need for cock. Okay, it's a silly premise, of course, but hey, anything to get these beautiful men into the great outdoors, sucking and fucking the holy hell outta each other under a canopy of limbs and stars. It's gorgeous men in a gorgeous setting. And what could make it just a bit better? Add an element of kink with uniforms!

Wolfe sucks Skye under a big open sky.

Wolfe and Skye are two forest rangers patrolling the area, investigating the strange occurrences. On a distant hilltop, Skye stands statuesque in his tight uniform, his chiseled jawline prominent as he raises the binoculars to his eyes. A shift occurs, and he turns to look at the handsome blonde Wolfe napping in the front of their official vehicle. Wolfe's hard-on buried in his pants presses against the cloth as Skye, driven by uncontrollable lust, reaches in, stroking it to full hard as Wolfe awakens, eyes him with his penetrating, glowering stare, and lets him continue. He releases his cock and Skye finds himself lowering his mouth onto it, pleasing his fellow ranger. Wolfe is stunning as he unbuttons his shirt, his gorgeous chest hair peeking through his white tank top, his manhood at full staff buried in Skye's hungry mouth.

Moving outside the vehicle, the two men stand beside it, the vista of mountains and trees splaying out beyond them as Wolfe drops to his knees and takes Skye's ramrod down his throat, salivating as the taste of masculinity fills his mouth. He looks amazing with his short-cropped bearded face sliding up and down that stiff pole, cupping his balls, their sexy uniforms hanging off their well-defined frames.

Moving to the back of the truck, Skye positions himself on the bed, ass high and cheeks spread as Wolfe buries his tongue deep in his tender hole, lapping and spitting to lube it up. These two men, in God's country, will do what isolated men do when succumbing to their urges.

Joining him up on the bed, Wolfe dons a condom and penetrates his buddy's ass as he's bent over the top of the cab. It's simply a stunning view, not only of the natural setting, but the two men in it. Wolfe pumps away as Skye backs up into him. In fact, there's more of Skye fucking himself on Wolfe than of the top humping away. Skye twerks and grinds and works his ass back and forth and in little gyrations that ensure he's getting Wolfe's pipe deep and hitting all the pleasurable angles. It's back on the ground with Skye on his back where Wolfe can really pump him good, sliding in and out as his lust grows, the cum churning in his balls as he fucks a load out of his bottom before he whips off the rubber and sprays huge ropes of jizz across Skye's torso as Skye reaches for the drops with his tongue.

So what's causing the odd rash of awesome man-on-man action to break out all over the mountain?

Head to Raging Stallion to watch all the scenes from The Woods: Part 1 and also part 2!

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