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With Thirteen Hawt Older Men, Daddy Sex Files Has the Compilation To End All Cumpilations


Over at Daddy Sex Files, they've culled together a collection of some of their finest to bring you "Helping a Dude Squirt It," a compilation of six scenes featuring thirteen hot-as fuck Daddies getting each other off. Spike, Mike Dreyden, Matthew Ford, Luke Piersol, Les Hendrix, Josh Kole, Joe Sarge, Dick Axel, Colin Steele, Charlie Shaye, Chad Brock, Bryan Slater, and Brandon Aquilar get each other off in offices, outdoors, a Jeep, a construction site...you name it. Anywhere horned up men with cum churning in their balls and a diminished sense of decorum and reservations for proper behavior combine, these guys are hauling out their big guns and shooting on faces and down hungry, eager throats, spooge dripping off engorged dick heads and onto waiting tongues and lips and stubbly chins. There really is nothing quite like walking into a seemingly non-sexual location, seeing some other guys there for whatever reasons and having your sexual spider senses tingle, feeling a rise in masculine intensity as they start to cruise, daring each other to be the first to make a move, then jumping on the opportunity to taste man-meat and sweet drenching cum. While there is some ass play here, this is mostly hot, intense oral action, cuz damn these guys love sucking jizz!

Just a few highlights:

Mike Dreyden and Matthew Ford

Dreyden and Ford are two burly, beefy dudes who clock each other in a public space, with Dreyden in blue collar duds and Ford in a suit. What an incredible visual combo these two make, both built older studs, the businessman wanting to get down and dirty with the grubby booted redneck. But when the clothes get shucked and are lying on a pile in the grass, they're just two dudes who have a lust burning in their loins and a need to release their cum.

Colin Steele and Chad Brock 

I've always been a fan of Brock, with his glowering intensity, his muscular frame and hardware store handsomeness (it's a thing!). He oozes quiet masculinity. He feeds and fucks as much as he takes the jizz, loving the taste and feel of spunk running down his chin and across his lips. His scene with Steele in a large tool shed is porn gold: two hot men getting it on in a blue collar setting, sharing the duties of making each other shoot buckets that get lapped up and sucked down as the muscles flex and the sweat glistens. Later, they're joined by equally dad-bod buff Piersol in a stunning display or oral depravity as Piersol services the two men laid back in the seat of a Jeep, his legs propped up against the roll bar as Steele aggressively fingers his gorgeous hairy hole while Brock feeds him a thick load.

Charlie Shaye feeds Dick Axel

The pairing of Shaye and Axel is one of those not-fancy porn scenes where at first the men don't seem like all that much. Just regular dad-type dudes sucking each other off on a patio. They're not overly buff, or gruff, or "porny." But then, that's actually what makes them so memorable and fucking hot. They look like any guys in my rural suburban area, any guys I might see with their families in a store living their ordinary lives. And that's when the fantasy kicks in, that of what these guys do in the secret places in their lives when they steal moments away from their wives and families, when they can let their hair down, admit they need a good blowjob, and help each other out, only to skulk off back to their homes, thinking of when they can get off like that again. These two have body-shaking orgasms, with Shaye's explosive blast of cream hitting Axel in the face, the mouth, the chest, mixing with the sweat of his torso, dripping off his lower lip which he swipes at with his tongue as the two men's breathes come heavy and deep and panting...fucking delicious, and beautiful to watch.

Joe Sarge gets the prize.

There's an elongated scene in which several of the men are pleasuring each other in different areas of what seems to be a construction site-turned-cruise palace, with so much oral and anal stimulation and balls getting drained it's hard to keep track. But really all you need for an example is the image above, the thickly built hardbody daddy Joe Sarge, his necktie loose, his dress shirt undone, and the thick strands of an enormous uncut cock shoved through a partition creating a makeshift gloryhole dripping off his tongue as he slurps down that sweet cream. This image right here is what it's all about.

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