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A Security Officer Is Subdued and Sexed Up In This Table-Turning Cop Rape Fantasy Over at Young Perps


Today is the last day to take advantage of the big Summer Flash Sale going on at all Say Uncle sites, including Young Perps! In their recent scene "Fighting the Power," Christian Ryder is a security officer who has hauled young punks Malakai White and Rave Hardick into his office for questioning, but seeing as how it's two against one, Ryder is easily subdued and handcuffed, left to fend for himself on the floor of the cramped office. As White tries to find the right key off the SO's ridiculously large ring. Hardick has the golden idea to have some fun with their prisoner. Young Perps flips their usual script, and this time around, it's the guard who's taking it in the ass!

A cute guy in a guard uniform and two young hotties horned up and ready to bang? What's not to love? Ryder is a handsome and unwilling bottom as the two youths manhandle him into position. The two boys are hot in their loose shorts with their hard dicks making a noticeable impression against the cloth, slapping at the guard's exposed ass as he's placed ass up in a chair. Hardick drops to his knees in front of the tight hole, spreading his buns and getting his face in there nice and deep, wetting and lapping at the crack as Ryder moans...in delight? In resistance? Sounds like he's enjoying himself.

Forced to his knees, his face is turned back and forth as the two ram their hard cocks down his throat, back and forth, raping his throat as they verbally abuse him, shoving their meat into his sputtering mouth, slapping his cheeks with erect manhood, one buddy pushing him down on the other's tool. Luckily for Ryder, while he might be verbally protesting, his throat certainly opens up nice and wide to take in those dicks, successfully deep-throating and stretching his cheeks for a mouthy sword fight.

Bending their captive over a desk, the two young studs proceed to slam all their horned up anger at the oppressive police system straight into the guard's asshole and mouth, spit-roasting Ryder back and forth as they take turns pounding his butt and teaching him a sexualized lesson in police brutality. His furry crack looks great shot from beneath as the two men switch turns, cramming their impressive dongs deep in his resistant hole. White especially is a gorgeous dude, with his beefy muscular bod lightly covered in hair and tats, his tree-trunk thighs creating ample amounts of push against Ryder's prone body. Ryder, for his part, looks sexy as hell with a dick stuffing him on each end as he's finger cuffed with fleshy poles until White creams his cheeks before shoving his drained dick back in that hole while Hardick splashes Ryder's upturned mouth and face with his own spunk.

Now, I need to see the part two I imagine occurs when the janitor arrives later and takes full advantage of Ryder, still cuffed and limp over the desk, White's cum leaking form his abused ass!

Plug In and Get Off now at Young Perps to take advantage of their great Summer Sale!

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