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Colby Melvin Leads a Frolicking Foursome Fuckfest for His TopFanVids


Okay, hang tight, Lemme catch my breath a sec before I write this scene up. Because, damn y'all, I ain't as young as I used to be and this much frenetic, masculine energy requires I take a bit more time to recover. WHEW! Over at his TopFanVids page, Colby Melvin hosts Xavier Robitaille, Eddie Burke and Austin Lacrosse in a muscle and testosterone-fueled suck-and-fuck that is absolutely stunning. The energy and animal magnetism these performers unleash and slam at each other, knocking each other up against the heads with their hungry gusto for cock and flesh, could be captured and used to power a small city. Or at least a small nightclub.

Robitaille and Melvin spit-roast Lacrosse as Burke looks on.

From the get-go there is so much to gaze at and focus on that the mind boggles, whether it's piggy bottom Lacrosse getting his face fucked by Melvin as Burke buries his ginger daddy handsomeness deep in Robitaille's musky pit, Lacrosse's asshole eaten as his face is filled with Robitaille's hard meat, or the endless cocks disappearing down hungry throats. What really shines here, or rather who shines here is Lacrosse. All of the guys are pretty damn stunning to look at, with plenty of beefy muscle to go around, some nice chest hair, dreamy eyes and hawt beards. And while Burke, Melvin and Robitaille are all incredible tops with seemingly endless amounts of pumping energy, it's Lacrosse and his insatiable lust for hard man-meat that is most impressive.

Lacrosse is one happy bottom.

He is filled to overflowing as one pole after another pumps his hole, keeping a dirty smile plastered across his face the entire time. He seems happiest with dick impaling his mouth or ass, and during this session he is, shall we just say, kept incredibly happy. He's like a frenetic puppy given over to a roomful of toddlers all eager to get their hands on him to pet and stroke and fondle. Luckily in this case, the petting, stroking and fondling is a bit more adult in nature. Each dude takes his turn pummeling his backside, slip out, NEXT! hump and grind, NEXT!, legs lifted and asshole reamed as he grunts and yells, NEXT!, and the circle of life just keeps going round.

He does get a bit of a break after they broke the bed for the third or fourth time, the force of their body banging causing the support slats underneath to give way. No seriously, that happened, and that's a great thing about TopFanVids: not much clean up editing going on. Less professional, more organic. Burke mounts Robitaille, and it's awesome! The darkly beautiful brunette getting his ass filled by the powerfully built ginger daddy starts the group over the edge, with jizzing in mind as Burke pounds his butt until he's filling his ass with his thick cream. But he's got more fucks to give, playing human sex toy for Lacrosse who needs that dick back in his hole to get off, spraying buckets of spunk as Burke finishes him off with his masterful topping. Proving that he's got a versatile streak, our bottom du jour gets to climb to the top bunk to give Melvin the much-needed ass splitting he needs to work his own dick to a semen spilling frenzy.

Plug In and Get Off with these guys and more at TopFanVids. Just hit that banner below.

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