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Harley Xavier Introduces His Buddy Ashton Silvers To CockyBoys


When it comes to fun, relaxed, youthful fucking, CockyBoys will usually do the trick for ya, serving up plenty of young, smooth, and often muscular guys who simply love to get off in a relaxed, slightly passionate manner They are twinkish, to be sure, but can also sport some nicely defined, muscular bodies, as it the case with Harley Xavier and his buddy Ashton Silvers. Silvers is new to the CockyBoys "stable" of performers, and Xavier is happy to introduce us all to this handsome young top. Both smooth and tautly formed, what they lack in body hair they certainly make up for in dick size and sexual energy. From the get-go they are clearly into each other. Fuck buds previously? Their connection and organic unravelling of their desire sure seems to imply that.

Silvers services Xavier's tasty dick.

The reason for their awesome connection? Well, gee, could it have everything to do with Silvers' thick tool he's got swinging between his legs? The kid might have a laid-back, "aw shucks" kinda demeanor, but when he hauls out his bat to play with, everyone in the stands is craning their necks to get a good look. But it's all Xavier's, at least for now. Silvers might give his friend a bit of a BJ, but this is all about watching Xavier service Silvers' stupendous sausage. He crams pretty much all of it down his greedy throat, sputtering and gagging all the way, but damn if he's not a determined kinda guy. He's gonna get it down if it kills him! They look fantastic together, especially in front of that full wall mirror where we get great views of their oral action from both sides.

That look on Xavier's face pretty much sums it all up.

When it comes to the fucking, they mesh like they've done this before...a lot. Xavier has a constant, slack-jawed look on his face that belies the intense painful pleasure he is receiving from having his buddy sliding him open with that pole. And luckily for Silvers, Xavier is willing to do almost all the work. Riding on top? Xavier is doing all the grinding, pleasuring himself with Silvers' fuckstick. Bent over? Xavier is backing up to Silvers' pubes, humping himself like a horny schoolboy on a doorknob. He's all about taking Silvers' dick rather than having it slammed din him. Until he's on his back, then Silver gets to take back control, pumping his tight hole until he pulls out to spurt all that delicious cream.

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