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Pumping Up with AJ Sloan: Nutrition Coach & Trainer Moses Bernasconi Talks Benefits of Plant-Based Diet


What you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it. And no, I'm not talking about dick (this time). I am talking about what you eat. The right diet can make the difference between looking good and looking fan-fucking-tastic, between feeling ready for the day and feeling ready to make the day your bitch. This week, I had the opportunity to talk with plant based nutrition coach and personal trainer Moses (IG gunzandmoses). When I wasn't getting lost in his piercing eyes, I managed to learn a lot about the benefits of a plant based way of life. Both his nutrition tips and his Instagram are sure to leave your mouth watering...

AJ: Give your spiel; what are the benefits of a plant based life?

Moses: It's definitely about living a life of causing as little harm as possible, of course to the planet, to yourself, to animals, to everything. But it definitely gives me a lot of clarity of mind and leaves your body feeling clean and that is what it's all about. Feeling clean, having clean karma. Overall, your digestion is going to be better, your skin is going to be better, your sex life is going to be better. Eating plant based and living plant based is going to do a little bit of everything and improve your being while on this planet.

AJ:  Would you say there is a correlation between practicing a plant based diet and your mental health?

Moses: Absolutely. Absolutely. Personally speaking, I’ve done a lot of work on myself as well, but at the same time, I used to have high levels of anxiety, depression, and you know, it is not as common anymore. And when you think about it, you’re taking all this energy from these animals, and, you know, they’re not marching in voluntarily. They’re being forced, being murdered in horrific ways. And so right before they die, all of these panicked emotions and fear is running through them, and then we put that into our bodies, you know? How are you gonna feel?

AJ: Terrified.

Moses: Yeah!

AJ: …and full

Moses: (Laughs) yes, yes!

AJ: Have you seen the film Okja on Netflix?

Moses: Yeah! I love that movie, and I made a lot of people watch it!

AJ: I made a lot of people watch it and they went vegetarian for about a week…

Moses: Yeah, normally that’s how it works. I think my first time going vegetarian, it lasted maybe a week or two.

AJ: What was for breakfast today?

Moses: Aw man, the same thing I have for breakfast almost every day. It’s oatmeal. Well, a variation of oatmeal, depending on what I have and what I feel like adding to it. But it’s always oatmeal, always has peanut butter in it, always has a scoop of vanilla protein, some cinnamon, and the extras can be banana, walnuts, and almond milk.

AJ: You said vanilla protein. What’s your protein brand of choice?

Moses: Orgain. I think it has a good blend of stuff, and it tastes not as bad as some of the other ones… I think it tastes great actually but when I was trying to get my client to switch to plant based protein and I gave him a couple scoops, I was like, “Here, try this out. It’s really good, probably my favorite plant based protein.” And he was like, “Sure I’ll try it.” He tried it and was like, “You’re a f***ing vegan, you don’t know what tastes good anymore…” So… (laughs)  I don’t know. Can’t make any promises. But I think it tastes great.

AJ: You just said the V-word (vegan) but you had mentioned that you try to stay clear of that.

Moses: Yeeeah

AJ: Why?

Moses: I think a lot of times, people think of a vegan, and they’re just like, “Dude this is just some psycho hippie that’s gonna attack me and make me watch videos of animals being murdered"…which I have done in the past…

(Both laugh for a moment)

…but.. I uh, you know, I don’t do that anymore. I think it’s a lot easier to digest plant based vs. vegan. I know, the word just… is easier for some people.

AJ: So, out on a first date, what do you order?

Moses: Well, at a vegan restaurant, everything (laughs)

AJ: What’s your favorite vegan restaurant?

Moses: In LA, I love Crossroads. Then there's also this vegan Japanese restaurant called Shojin. There’s one in little Tokyo and one in Culver City. That’s really good, too. It has to be a tie between those two.

AJ: What would you tell a person who is considering a plant based diet? A fresh vegan?

Moses: I would say just start with one day. Start with one day, like a lot of my friends start with Meatless Monday and then they start to plan out what to eat the rest of the week. They will mention that they saw this one restaurant, this one recipe and they sort of save it for Mondays. And so they just have that one day and then, later on, making one little change. Like with milk, you know, trying out oat or almond milk instead. So yeah, just making small changes but starting with a meal a day. That is kinda how I started. Like, I can go plant based 2 days, 3 days. Then 4 days, 5 days. And then it took over my life… and then I watched all of the videos and went crazy.

AJ: 9 years now?

Moses: Yeah, yes.

AJ: Did Okja help in the process for you?

Moses: It did, it did, hahaha! I made everybody watch it too.

AJ: What’s your ideal client like?

Moses: My ideal client… I think someone who listens. Yeah, definitely. Someone who’s open minded, listens to what you have to say. And I like enthusiasm and those who don't mind putting in the work. Even when I have someone who seems like they don’t want to do the work and won’t listen to me… They still show up every week, and I definitely respect the consistency.

AJ: If nothing else, what is the one thing you’d like people to walk away with here?

Moses: Small changes, little changes, one day at a time, one meal at a time. And you won’t be only helping yourself, you know, better heart health, better sexual health, you know, a lot of different things. But you’re also going to be positively impacting the environment, positively impacting animal's lives. And all it takes is just eating something different. We have a lot of options. We are so lucky to live in this day and age.

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