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Scared Bottoms, MonkeyPox Boyfriends, & Swallowing: This Week’s Ask Chad


Hey Sluts!

What a week it's been! This Monkeypox scare is ruining my escort side hustle, and filming OnlyFans content has become scarier than any Michael Myers movie. But I move on knowing this face is too beautiful to risk any scars. So it's just hours of binge watching TV, reading your questions, and playing with my...toys.

Anyway, I loved seeing all your questions this week and every week. Today, we are talking Moneypox, drinking cum, and a shy bottom! Anyway...here's what kept you up at night, head over to my page to see how I answered!

Dear Chad,

My bf and I are open, and he just got Monkeypox. I understand that it comes with the territory, but now I don't know what to doooooooo. Do we share a bed? Do I move out for a month?

Curious George


Dear Chad,

I had surgery in my ass last year because of a cancer scare (everything fine) and now I'm terrified of bottoming. Now that it's been a full year I'd say I'm totally healed, but the thought of anything tearing my butthole open again fucking terrifies me. Should I just switch to topping? Blech.

Terrified Tushy


Dear Chad,

I hate swallowing. Hate it. Fucking hate it. I think it tastes disgusting and yet getting swallowed is my husband's biggest turn on. We're not unhappy sexually, but it sucks knowing I can't fulfill my husband's single biggest turn on. Should I just... suck it up and deal with it?

A Hard Pill to Swallow


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