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Diego Reyes and Bastian Karim Get Hot and Heavy In A Spanish Sex Club For NakedSword Originals


Everyone seems to be going to Spain recently, with several scenes and full length flicks coming my way, and cumming for you. NakedSword Originals, while filming their upcoming The Swords feature (teaser!) followed performers Diego Reyes and Bastian Karim to a local sex club to film the two handsome studs suck and fuck all over the kink-filled room. Karim, smooth and muscular with a beautiful, uncut cock, is Reyes' willing bottom as he submits himself to the bearded, hirsute Muscle Bear and his equally beautiful uncut cock. Ah, foreskin...so much to taste and play with!

Karim gets a taste of Reyes.

I've enjoyed Reyes' work with the Men At Play site, seeing his dapperly dressed body shedding the suit, his hot bod emerging from the duds as he sucks and fucks other suited guys. But both men are apparently new to the NakedSword Originals lineup, and what an introduction they make here! Karim is an absolute sub in action when it comes to his need for Reyes' manhood. He has one of those faces that's a sinning combination of pretty and masculine, something almost ancient to be found in classic paintings of soldiers and lovers. His dark, brooding eyes draw you in, as they do Reyes as he looks up at his top while his thick, kissable lips lower themselves onto Reyes' impressive piece of meat, sliding it down his throat and gobbling hungrily, bobbing up and down on it as Reyes grabs the back of his head. The two make an incredible pair to watch, their energy with each other seems both lusty and electric, and also slow and caring. There's a romantic feel to their animal magnetism that's undeniable.

Reyes gets a taste of Karim as he preps his bottom.

Reyes loves the taste of Karim, from his meaty member to his luscious hole as he teases and laps at that tender, inviting ass. When he finally plunges his pipe deep in Karim's hole, the two come together as one and there's no denying their connection. What follows is a buffet of sexual positions as Karim gets taken on a table, a chair, the stairs, against the wall...you name it. Reyes' lust is insatiable as he plows and plunders the young man. They seem best when they are in positions where Reyes' cock can slide in and out while their faces are close enough to kiss, their tongues meshing as as the hungry Bear sinks into his honey pot. Their final explosive moments as muscular bodies shudder and issue forth spurts and sprays of creamy spunk is a glorious thing to witness, their bodies shimmering with sweat, Karim's torso slick with cum.

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