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Andre Donovan and Dean Young Find Sun and Naughty Fun In Southern Spain for Falcon Studios’ Full-Length “Body and Sol”


Hot men in the hot sun. You tell me, what makes for a better start to a great vacation? These are the key elements as Falcon Studios exclusives Dean Young and Andre Donovan head off to Southern Spain, specifically Torremolinos where all this was filmed, to get in some need rest, relaxation, and maybe a bit of cock and ass in Body and Sol. Young is a travel blogger, towing along buddy Donovan as they meet and greet locals Sir Peter, Pietro Duarte, Pol Prince, and Manuel Reyes. Directed by Steve Cruz, it's all gorgeously filmed with gorgeous men that'll have you screaming "OLÉ!" I've already written about Donovan's sizzling threesome with Duarte and Prince, so let's move quickly on to the rest of the hot action. Clocking in at nearly three hours, there's a lot of action to be had!

Sir Peter Owns Young's Hole.

I've always enjoyed Sir Peter's work over at Men At Play, looking all dapper in his business suits, his giant uncut cock flopping out and wrecking holes. Here he meets up with Young at the beach, sneaking off for some scorching balcony banging. They put the moves on each other fast and furiously; heading back to Peter's place, he proceeds to absolutely destroy Young's tight, smooth hole. Sir Peter has a threateningly thick cock, and Young gamely shoves it as far down his throat as he can before it's stuffed in his backside, making him moan and groan with exclamations of how big it is, his own uncut meat flopping under him as he rides Sir Peter, or is put on his hands and knees, the top man hovering over him as he crams in every inch. After what a regular porn flick would deem a useful amount of footage, the two move indoors for even more in their marathon bang session. Sir Peter takes Young on the stairs (btw, god damn what a gorgeous setting to film in!), stuffing his face and ass with more dick until Young's load is fucked out of him just before Sir Peter blows his spunk over his balls before breeding it back in him.

Reyes (on top) with Prince

Reyes and Prince's duo is comprised of lusty passion and combustible heat. They're barely inside the gate of a beautiful terrace before Reyes is slavishly worshipping Prince's beautiful pole, sucking it down with hungry need, down to the base as his eyes water and Prince spits on his face and shoves him down aggressively. Moving to a wall, Reyes is pushed against it, his tight hole roughly rimmed and taken as Prince shoves his full length in, grabbing hips and going to town, pumping vigorously as the two studs sweat it out. Moving indoors where it's cooler, Reyes jumps on that dick and rides it, grinding down hard until his hole is stretched and he's jacking buckets over Prince's torso before receiving his top's load all over his cute, bearded face.

Reyes entertains the visitor Donovan.

Reyes' hole apparently hasn't had enough, as he heads out and hooks up with Donovan whom he met the night before at the bathhouse, but was rebuffed. There's no turning him down today, though, as Donovan eagerly greets him with passionate kisses, a sexy shower and some serious ass reaming. The two look stunning as the water from the shower bathes their bodies, Donovan on his knees eating Reye's shaft before turning him around to prep his asshole with his searching, lapping  tongue. Back on the bed, that ass is ready for more dick, and Donovan's girthy length fills him more than he was expecting. There must be something about Reyes as he bottoms which brings out the aggressive side of his tops; Donovan is no different, taking his backside with masculine rampaging energy, ripping into him as Reyes urges him on to give him more, harder, deeper. The two use each other in a variety of positions, and with a few added ass slaps for enhancement, his hands held behind his back, Reyes is pummeled until he's creamed and bred and covered in sweat.

Prince and Young

The closer with Prince and Young is shorter than the rest of the scenes, less involved physically, but no less hot. They cruise each other on a walkway overlooking the Mediterranean, the incredible view almost overwhelming the view of the men, until they duck into a gangway between two building to kiss furiously. Moving things up to Young's hotel room, his tender ass is rimmed to within an inch of its life by the handsomely stubbled Prince, who then takes him inside to bang the bejesus out of him. It's an abbreviated version of what we saw before, but it finishes not with deep breeding, but something more satisfying: Young's youthful cream spraying Prince's pouty lips and licking tongue as he leans his face in to catch ever drop Young produces. Likewise, Young feasts on Prince's hot jizz, which the two tongue back and forth as sweaty and satisfied heaves and moans bring their energy down.

Plug In and Get Off at Falcon Studios where you can view scenes from Body and SolIt's also available on DVD or digital download at the Falcon/NakedSword Store.

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