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Go-Go Boy Spotlight: Boyfriends Ace & Issac Come to Pornstache in WeHo


What's hotter than two gorgeous go-go boys in love? No seriously, imagine these two after a night at the club and how passionate that must get?! Come on now. In Los Angeles, go-go boyfriends Ace and Issac are tearing up the town, providing a double dose of sexy at our VPL party, at Bullet Bar, and more! The dynamic duo will perform together on Thursday, August 4 for Pornstache, a leather, fetish, & gear party cumming to Stache in WeHo. Presented by Sir Fernando & Foxy the DJ, this party has no cover, a free clothes check, and $5 drink specials. Get into your hottest Rough Trade Gear outfit and come play with us.

Get to know the sexy pair a bit better as our Go-Go Spotlight continues Ace and Issac.


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Ace: Virginia Beach,

Issac: Centreville Virginia.

Go-go Boy Nickname:

Ace: Ace.

Issac: Isaac.

How did you get that nickname: 

Ace: It's actually my second go-go name after putting the first in retirement. I'm a big nerd and one of my favorite games had a character named Accel and he looked cool. But that's harder to pronounce so I shortened it to Ace much easier and quicker to announce.

Issac: I've just always loved the name Issac, if I had to change my name it would definitely be Issac - feels very me!

Venues you dance at: 

Ace: Currently you can find me at Precinct 1-2x a month for VPL Thursdays (thanks JFlo!) and other gigs that I get referred for.

Issac: I've danced at Precinct, the Bullet, the Eagle and soon at Stache! Shout out to Sir Fernando for booking me for my first gig ever at the Bullet!

Favorite thing to wear while dancing:

Ace: Originally it was briefs before moving to LA, but jocks/thongs entice the boys. I may have to move to some mesh underwear so keep an eye out!

Issac: I have this great silver metallic thong that I am in love with! I love anything shiny and sparkly, and it matches the earrings and necklaces I wear.

Have you ever hooked up with a club patron? 

Ace: I am strictly professional...so far.

Issac: I never kiss and tell .

Have you ever hooked up with another dancer? 

Ace: He's my boyfriend, does that count?

Issac: I haven’t actually, unless you count my boyfriend! Like to keep things a little more professional with the other go-go boys, then there isn’t any drama and you can stay on good terms with everyone!

Favorite thing about being a go-go boy?

Ace: I like dancing! If I can vibe to the music and dance then I'm all set. Making some extra money doing something that's fun? What's better than that?

Issac: Hmm, I would honestly have to say the attention. Love being up on a box and entertaining the club goers around me, flirting with them a little bit, giving a wink here and there, making everyone feel a little sexy. It’s a blast and I always look forward to it!

What is your signature dance move? 

Ace: When the DJ plays some Missy Elliot and Ciara that's when I stop everything and showing the other go-go boys how to twerk.

Issac: Signature dance move would have to be twerking and shaking my ass on all fours.


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What do you think the best part of your body is?

Ace: Definitely this chest, there's been many of skipping leg days to work more chest.

Issac: I think I have really nice broad shoulders and a great back.

Biggest pet peeve when people are tipping you?

Ace: When they're waving a single dollar bill and want me to work for 5 minutes before tipping. Baby I need gas money!

Issac: Ugh when they get a little too hand-sy, it’s like, "Sir, you gonna need to pay a little more than a dollar if you really wanna be grabbing all this."

Biggest pet peeve about working with other go-go boys? 

Ace: I want all the money!

Issac: Honestly kinda hard to think of one! Maybe when their outfit is cuter than mine - haha!

What advice would you give to a new go-go dancer? 

Ace: I would want them to know that go-go dancers come in all shapes, sizes, dancing skills, and energy. People thinking about getting into the scene typically have an idea of what they must look like first, and generally not accurate. There's an audience for everyone just have to find the right stage. Just be you and have fun on stage!

Issac: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Message promoters and venues and see if they are willing to give you a chance, a quiet mouth never gets fed!


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What is the last TV show you binge-watched? 

Ace: Just finished watching the new Resident Evil series. It was decent at best.

Issac: Stranger Things!!! So freaking good!

Top 3 favorite movies? 

Ace: I *love* Scary Movie 2. I could quote the whole movie. The nerd in me loves Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. I'm a big old school Disney fan as well so put on some Hercules and let me ruin your ears while I sing every song.

Issac: This is tough! I would have to say any of the Lord of the Rings movies (extended cut versions), any of the Star Wars movies and Pans Labyrinth.

What hobbies do you have?

Ace: I spend entirely too much time in the gym, playing a lot of video games and volleyball when I have the time.

Issac: If you can’t tell by my favorite movies, I’m a big nerd: love to read books, play board games, video games. I’m a pretty good volleyball player too!

Do you have a hidden talent? 

Ace: I'm like the king at hula-hooping for long periods of time. I never learned any tricks but I can happily stand there for an hour. I have won several contests from this alone; it's how I learned to move my hips.

Issac: I speak pretty good French!


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Do you ever get jealous of your partner also being in the go-go world?

Ace: Nope not at all, it's something that he likes doing so it's never an issue for me.

Issac: Hmm, I don’t get jealous of him and other boys, mostly get jealous if he gets booked for a gig and I don’t - haha!

Have you ever brought a 3rd go-go home? 

Ace: Not yet! I tend to be the more picky one of the two though, I don't think he will admit that.

Issac: We haven’t - just haven’t met the right one yet! Currently accepting applications.

Perfect romantic date: 

Ace: I want to do something you haven't done before. Let's go zip-lining, indoor skydiving, haunted house, or just anything different and fun. Get us some food then spend the remainder of the day forgetting what time it is.

Issac: We love to travel so anywhere new and fun. A beach day for me is a perfect date , then at night checking out somewhere new together.

Favorite sex position: 

Ace: Oh just ride me and we will have a great time. If you're small enough, I like to carry them around the house and bang against any open wall or maybe out in the open. I don't workout for health, I workout to throw twinks around.

Issac: Reverse cowgirl with me on top. If you haven’t tried it, I highly encourage you to do so ASAP.

Celebrity crush: 

Ace: For a while it was probably Randy Orton. I was big into wrestling growing up and I would gladly give him a key to my bedroom.

Issac: Orlando Bloom but as Legolas from Lord of the Rings. That hair is everything.

I just recently started getting into gogo-ing a few months ago. I met Sir Fernando at a club one night and he asked if I had ever thought about being a go-go boy. A week later I was up on a box in a tiny silver thong and haven’t looked back! It’s been super fun getting to work at a couple different venues and meeting some of the other go-go boys around town! I’m hoping to keep working as a go-go here and there and want to start working at some new bars too! So Hit me up if you wanna hire me for your event or gig!


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