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Jack Andy Killing Construct Vol 2: Do You PnP?


Adult performer and personal trailer Jack Andy dives into sex and relationships from a unique perspective in his new Cybersocket column 'Killing Construct'.

Do you PnP? We all get asked that everyday on all the apps at all hours of the day.

I was talking with my morning client at 6 AM about it because I have to be up at work everyday around 4:30 AM to get started with my personal training. Since I’m up durning those late night/ early morning fucking/party hours, I get the question a lot when I check my messages. What struck me as interesting during the conversation is as it unfolded my client immediately started talking about his friend that had addiction problems to which I replied, "what about drug use implied addiction?"

As a gay that dabbles in the circuit and sex party scene (dabbling meaning when I can afford it, I go), drug use is something I partake in once a month if not more. Sometimes even when I can’t afford to go to the party, I like to partake at home. I can host up to three separate boys, maybe more, a day when I get going. Some days I go all day because it's what I want to do. I’ve been ass up on Grindr and Sniffies.

Yeah I said it, and I’ve taken 7 loads a day before, because I could.

What I wonder though is what do you imply from that? Do you think my apartment looks like a meth den? Do you picture me as someone when I show up to your place I’ll be “tweaked out?” Do you think I suffer in my employment? Do you think my party activity makes me incapable of a deeper abiding relationship like affection for another person? Or that you could never date anyone who parties like that? Do you even think I do meth?


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I’m sure you do. At least some of those questions because that is almost always what's running through my mind confronting the mere question, do you PnP?

We as adults know exactly what we are getting into when we party and the addiction levels of the substances we use. I sure do, and as a successful owner of two thriving businesses (surprise), someone who has a goal of 5 days a week at the gym, closely monitors my diet and micronutrient intake, and prefers an almost OCD clean apartment that smells like scented candles (surprise again), when I am mapping out my party life and my professional life I know if I’m about to have a wild weekend I definitely adjust my schedule responsibly. I adjust it weeks in advance if I can, because adherence to appointments in my business is a part of being professional in my line of business. I’m not the only one that can incorporate the use of substances with a successful lifestyle.

So if you're a big boy like me, and you know what you’re getting yourself into, and you can balance a successful life with your partying, what’s the issue with a lil PnP?

Lately I’ve been experimenting, because who am I to judge what someone has as a vice. So when someone asks me if I PnP, I’ve been replying with what I prefer and don’t prefer and that I do not mind what they do to get themselves on a sexual level as long as they keep themselves from disconnecting with their sex partner. Yes, even with people who prefer meth. I refer to it as party friendly. I can’t say much for how they operate their lives outside of their usage, but what I can say is each one I had over was just as sweet as the next and they lasted for hours. We lit candles, we played slow music low in the background, during the experience they were open and vulnerable and I actually had some of the hottest romantic sex I’ve ever had with like minded men. Some in which I would have over again. Some of them I’d want to get to know in a dating sense to see if we would be compatible for a relationship. Daddy’s still looking for my little cuddle fuck slut I can whore out and cuddle all night, ya know.

Despite what most people or people would have you believe, usage does not equal addiction. It may have in their case, but that doesn’t give them permission to project the trauma of their past on you. We are allowed as adults to use, and take breaks as we see fit. We all have vices. What I think we as a society need to realize is that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to a human being. All drug users are not created equal. There was a time when if someone said do I PnP I just blocked them, but now I think back to when I had to tell people I was HIV positive before PrEP or U=U existed and guess what? I got the same treatment. I didn’t even have to do meth to get blocked, but it still felt awful nevertheless because they didn’t even know me. Usually addiction is caused when a vice becomes a coping mechanism. Coping mechanisms are used when we are sad or hurt. If you were coping with something and trying to find company to deal with the pain and society isolated you in your misery, well that sounds even more miserable.

I, by no means, am saying in the face of addiction, enable. Try to recognize addiction when you see it but maybe instead of a cold approach a little empathy perhaps?

But what I am saying is most of the time you don’t know who you’re talking to when you first meet a person and some constructs that need questioning are the ones we place on ourselves. Learn to party responsibly, learn how you react to your own partying behavior, have an in case of emergency person, assess frequency of use, lock up any valuables when you have strangers in your place in a safe, and take breaks from the party. If you ever feel you’ve lost control seek help on your own timetable, not because you are pressured. But until PNP responsibly.

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