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Our Favorite and Sexiest Celebs & Cosplayers from ComicCon 2022


Last week marked the return of the annual San Diego ComicCon (SDCC), the mecca of fantasy conventions around the world. Now that the pictures have all started to roll out, we wanted to show you which Spideys make us want to shoot our webs and which Thors made us pound our hammers.

@Keith_Laue - SuperMan



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One of my favorite things about ComicCon every year is that it always yields a ton of new, sexy follows for me to consider, and since my Kryptonite is gorgeous men with big bulges, Keith Laue was a very welcomed find. This sexy influencer has some pretty solid cosplay game, in no small part to the fact that he is a dead-ringer for Clark Kent. I know Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, but hopefully we can go for a longer second round.

Dwayne Johnson - Black Adam

Photo: Daniel Knight

Daddy Dwayne is continuously one of the hottest men in Hollywood. At 6'5" and 260lbs of pure muscle, these pictures of Johnson in costume as Black Adam have got my Johnson turning into a Rock. Johnson is slated to play Black Adam in an upcoming film as part of the DC Universe. From the look of the trailer and the picture above, the movie is going to be action packed, funny, and no doubt hot as fuck if Johnson is at the helm.

Ricky Starks - All Elite Wrestling


If you follow the world of professional wrestling, you'll know it's a hotbed of gorgeous men with storylines that involve lots of sweating and body contact. In other words: it's a gay dream tbqh. One of the biggest stars of the wrestling world is Ricky Starks, and he also happens to be one of the sexiest. He's seen here at ComicCon holding up an action figure of himself, and he's seen here, legs in the air, back arched, and presenting his GORGEOUS bubble ass to his competitor. Arch that back for me, Starks. Arch that back for me.

Terry Crews - Tales Of the Walking Dead

Photo: Kevin Winter

I used to think of Terry Crews as just a funny bit actor in the likes of Deliver Us from Eva and Soul Plane. Those are fun roles and fun movies for sure, but I always assumed his career would just exist in that realm. CLEARLY I've been wrong. Crews' career has grown into one hell of a resume over the years, and his professional staying power has become pretty damn apparent to anyone watching. It makes sense that his career has such stamina, because looking at that picture of his body at ComicCon has me wanting to test his stamina in other areas, too. Woof!

@WarPath_Dylan - The Deep


If you're watching the hugely popular series The Boys (Prime Video) then you'll know it's got some great eye candy and some really cool superheroes and mythology characters. One of those is "The Deep" is definitely one of the hotter fantasy characters. I mean, sure, he's also a villain, but who doesn't love a badboy? I sure do, which is why seeing this expert-level cosplay from the ridiculously sexy @WarPath_Dylan was a wonderful discovery.

Dominic Monaghan - Moriarty: The Devil's Game

Photo: Michael Kovac

Over the years Dominic Monaghan has been in some of the biggest and most influential fantasy franchise of all time. Whether you loved him in LOST, the Lord of the Rings movies, Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, or any other of his impressive nerd credits, two things have always remained abundantly clear: Monaghan is an outstanding actor, and goddamn is he sexy. Hailing from Berlin, Germany and to British parents, Monaghan also has one of the sexiest accents in Hollywood. He is currently the voice of Moriarty, the genius arch nemesis of Sherlock Holmes in the podcast series, Moriarty: The Devil's Game.

Josh Trujillo - Comic Book Writer


Not all the hottest people at ComicCon are stars and cosplayers, though. Someone has to actually write and create these characters, and some of those writers/drawers are incredibly fucking hot. There's no better example of that than Josh Trujillo, who is one of the best comic book writers/drawers in the business today. He also wrote/drew the wildy popular and viral article on Baron Von Steuben, one of the most important figures of the American Revolution. Steuben was an out gay Prussian Captain who became one of General Washington's most trusted advisors and the man credited with turning a bunch of famers into proper soldiers. Is there a way I could get this sexy author to draw a picture of us existing happily ever after? That'd be great. Thx.

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