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Undiscovered Dick: Johnny Mercy Talks Losing His Virginity in Public, His Kinky Sex Life, & His Dream Career in Porn


Johnny Mercy : “Ass worship is by far my favorite.”

We met Johnny Mercy at Xbiz in Miami. Not only was his ass causing a sensation at all the parties during the week, his charming personality and handsome smile made earned him the title of Networking Queen. (We won’t even mention his impromptu fucking by the pool in the early morning out in public.) He’s got a slutty side and a booty that can handle a lot, but he’s also got an artistic side as skillful as his bottoming talents.

In addition to his content on JustForFans, he’s teamed up with ManPuppy.com He’s got a thing for the daddies, but is not stranger to taking some twink cock when available. We can’t wait to see his star rise or catch him at the next porn expo…who knows what he may be up to (or into) next?

What is your adult content stage name? My name is Johnny Mercy. My friends call me Jay.

How did you come up with that name? On the drive over to my first shoot with Richard Lennox, I had prepared myself mentally, but I completely forgot we don't use our government names… So anyway, John is my actual name. Mercy comes from one of my favorite video games, Overwatch. Mercy was the main healer. She was like a battle angel. super dope. Also, gay icon. The reason I get play of the game is because of Mercy.

When did you first start to become aware of your sexual awakening? Oh I was raised Catholic. So, not to over exaggerate, but in the womb. I’m joking. But like I was aware very early. Shopping with my grandma as a child, I’d get “lost” in the mens underwear aisle often.

What was your first sexual experience? So my whole life I identified as asexual. I went to an arts magnet in high school.  So horny gay teen boys were abundant. I didn’t want the added attention, so I thought asexual was the safest queer route.

Anyway, I finally moved away from home for my first year of university. This was during ancient times, So I used this website called Adam4Adam. I dropped my virginity like a spider was on it. I met up with a guy a mile away. He had a micropenis and couldn’t make it pass my cheeks. Too fat I guess ;). But yeah, it was disappointing haha.

Have you always been an exhibitionist? So to bring it back to the last question, I had lost my virginity with the micropenis dude. The only fun part was it was on the hood of my 1991 Buick Century in the parking lot of a used car dealership. We were situated in the corner of a major intersection. The sounds of cars rushing by as I felt his hips thrust was *chef’s kiss*

When is the first time you recorded yourself on camera, what was that experience like? The first time I recorded myself for cam was when I went to University of Central Florida. It was my senior year and I was getting more adventurous. One night, on Grindr, I was hit up by a couple. We were all around the same age and they were visiting for a game I think. They were both tops. we hung out for a polite amount of time before we whipped our dicks out. They were both hung, but one was hung xl. They took turns on my ass. It was hot af. It wasn’t until they were turning me into a rotisserie chicken that one had the idea to record. The video of his pov perspective as he pounded my cheeks was yummy. The slow pan up from his six pack, to him pounding me, to me deepthroating his boyfriends cock, was the cherry on top.

What is your ultimate goal in being a part of the adult content world? I’ve had a lot of people take advantage of me. The adult content world brings a level of security and comfort that is new to me. My ultimate goal is simple. Make hot content that people enjoy. I’m down for ride as long as I keep having this much fun.

Who is your dream scene partner? So small world but I had an ex that filmed with Diego Sans. My ex claims that Diego “broke his butthole.” I would love to flip with Diego cause 1) I bet I could take it and 2) payback. Oh and also Reese Rideout. I ruined so many socks because of him.

What is your favorite kind of scene to film? I’ve found that ass worship is by far my favorite. Getting paid to sit there and arch my back as someone details my ass with their tongue is my calling. Getting my ass ate is my kryptonite. Oh and I love filming giant and feet stuff. It’s so much fun to pretend to be Godzilla or to show off my foot dexterity.

What kind of scene do you really want to film, but haven’t yet? Well the slut in me would really like to shoot a gangbang.  Or something where I’m bound. Like really bound. Like shibari. Also maybe something like being bound in public. Feel like that would be a nice way to kill two birds.

What are you interested in more, and why – studio or Fans site content? I’d love to film studio content. It’s a dream of mine. There are so many studios that I used to jerk to and it would be a full circle moment. But I love fan site content. I feel like it’s the way of the future. I love the casual feeling of fan sites. It’s great to directly talk to my fans. I was a customer service manager before porn, and I’m all about giving excellent service.

What has been one of your favorite scenes to date? My favorite scene was a silly fetish scene. I was a teenage stepson. I was getting my physical by my stepdad. Who happened to be a gynecologist. Anyway, it apparently turns out that there is a small window, when gay men can get pregnant. And boy, my step dad wanted a son.

Long story short, when I signed up for porn I didn’t know I would act out giving birth.

Has appearing on camera changed your sex life in real life? Nothing really has changed. But man getting paid for sex hits different. I rarely have sex unless it’s for making content now.

How are you the most different than the persona we see in your content? Oh I’m a slut on and off camera. Not much has changed. I will say that my persona is much kinkier. And meaner.

What is your favorite position? I like to spin the wheel of sex that I keep near my bed. I love all of positions and it’s so hard to pick. The wheel is so useful for that.

What is your favorite part of your body? Well, besides my ass, probably my back. Love seeing those days at the gym pay off. Thank you squat rack. Oh and my ass. Did I mention my ass?

What is your favorite body part on someone else? A jawline dripping in testosterone.

What is your #1 sex tip? Being plant-based helps make prep time really fast :).

Where can we find and follow you?


I have a lot of side hustles.

You can fine me @johnnymercyxxx on Twitter and JustForFans. I met the JustForFans crew at XBIZ Miami and they were so sweet. They’re the only Fans site I use :).

@grass_type for my art ig. Art is my passion and I’m actually a tattoo apprentice. If you want to follow my journey as an artist follow me there. I take commissions often.

@fluffy.irl is my personal ig where I post my self being a stupid slut.

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