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Married Latino Hotties Carlos and Junito Alexander Share Their IRL Intimacy With Breed Me Raw


Sometimes Breed Me Raw isn't just about bringing you hot banging butt sex between two dudes. Sometimes, they like to present something just a bit deeper. Carlos and Junito Alexander are married in real life, and this Latino couple is about as masculine and sexy as they come. They have a similar look: both hard bodied with luscious chest fur, trimmed beards and decorative tattoos. And for obvious reasons, they are clearly into each other sexually, and more importantly for you, the viewer, they enjoy sharing their intimacy with others. The scene description says they like their sex down and dirty, and that's just what they present here as they suck and rim each other until Carlos is filling his hubby's backside with his creamy load. These are two muscle cubs you wish would invite you into their bed. For now, let's just enjoy them from afar.

Junito tastes Carlos.

Their brand of intimacy, it should be noted, isn't the slow and steamy sort, but rather the aggressive and hard banging variety. It's literally less than a couple minutes before Carlo's hard daddy dick is slam banging Junito's hairy hole with virile intensity. Before any cocksucking, rimming, or anything leading up to the fucking, these two skip steps 1 through 4 and jump right to the ass pounding. They love talking dirty, spitting, some slapping and chest punching. Their animalistic eroticism is on full display from the get-go. Anal pummeling is always returned to, but Carlos pulls out often, giving his hard ass-slicked dick to Junta's hungry mouth in some ATM action, going down on Carlos to taste his own asshole before going ass up again to suffer more manly delights.

Carlos loves rimming and pulling out of Junito's hole, leaving it stretched and wet gives him the incentive to drop to his knees and bury his tongue in his hubby's crack deep, plunging and lapping and tasting where his cock was just pumping before standing and ordering him to "spread that hole...show me that hole baby." Carlos seems absolutely mesmerized by Junito's asshole, spreading it wide, fingering it deep for the camera, spitting on it and licking the spit off as he grinds his beard against the tender pucker, then ramming back in to hump and pound more.

These guys are all over the bed with Carlos owning Junito's ass in several positions; they seem to jump around with the attention deficit of a hyper toddler. Either they can't figure out which position feels best, or they simply want to be fucking and sucking in all the positions all at the same time. For whatever reason, their constant motion displays incredible energy and a sexual drive that simply won't slow down as Junito goes from on his back, to on his face, to riding on top, to twisting around in a reverse cowboy, to back on his back...you name it, they hit them all until Carlos is tensing and growling as he pumps his thick jizz deep in Junito's colon, then pulling out and showing off the spunk-smeared furry crack with a daddy's pride.

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