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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 11 Recap: Talent Shows & Twists


Hey kids! It’s your favorite time of week! This episode is starting out with Shea being super bummed about her position, but who knows with these new rules anything can happen. I love that Vivienne's hair changes almost every episode. This week is really going to be quite the challenge: the girls are given the job of a super give back lip sync extravaganza! And this week's challenge is worth THREE STARS, BITCH!! I knew Shea would still have a chance! She said, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!!!” Baybeeeeeee!!! Those stakes are pretty highlike me. LOL.

I love these Tic Tac lunches!! These little one-on-one moments are always such a lovely look into some real moments instead of queens being shady to each other for the cameras. I love what Raja is gonna do.  Love that Monet is a trained opera singer. I didn’t know that Yvie's condition keeps getting worse; she just gave me a good cry, I love you bitch! These last episodes are always so good, it makes me realize how much of a stoner I am with how forgetful I am. Also, not one of these bitches ate a Tic Tac. I’m sure you can tell by my reviews that I’m in love with Raja, Shea, Vivienne and Jinkxthey just do something to me!! And jaida too, she can get it.  . She said, “I can’t wait to watch what y’all do!” She really got some front row tickets to one of the most expensive drag shows in the world. The girls and the playful shade while they get ready just tickle me pink!

Ru looks like a cunt picnic basket. Hannah Einbinder is this week's special guest! And is apparently bisexual.
Trinity: Ok bitch!! That was so cunt!
Yvie : She better come out a box with her flexible ass! The rap is super good too!!
Jaida : Ok, Miss Jaida! That’s quite the number!!! Choreo and face DOWN!!
Jinkx: We love a cabaret number!!! Her voice is lovely.
Shea : She’s giving me '90s meets current vibes and I’m here for it! Like this song can play on the radio and it will!
Raja: This androgynous dance from her home country is very interesting! The set and the look are on point.
Vivienne: An original song by Diane Warner, ok bitch!!! I didn’t know she could sing!!! Come on "Bitch on Heels!
Monet: This opera moment has me gagged and tearing up!! WHAT?!?   She wasn’t playin' when she said she studied!! Well worth the coins momma!!!!! And in Italian??? Bitch. Gag!

This is gonna be a hard choice for Miss Ru and this comes down to who’s about to be the top 4!!! I’m sweating over here! Winner gets $30,000 for their charity of choice and the ladies all chose great foundations to support! Deliberating makes me anxious!! ON EDGE!!!! Oooooooo, I’m screaming internally for Shea! The top 2 this week are Monet and SHEA!!!!!!! IM DYING!!!!!!! SHEA HAS 4 STARS BITCHES!!!

So Shea, Jinkx, and Monet are in the top 4 automatically! Jaida and Trinity are tied and now Monet gets to decide who comes into the top 4 with her! That’s what happens with your 5 star havin' ass! BIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!! SHE CHOSE TRINITY OVER JAIDAI'M DEAD!! and Jaida gonna stab that hoe. And now there’s more?!?!? She is full of surprises tonight!! Ok Miss Ru! First, let’s get these charities some coins.
Shea is just enchanting to me with her beauty. I live for Monet too that unit is cunt and that fit is FITTED HUNNY! Congrats SHEA!!! $10k and $30k for your charity Period Poverty Project. Bitch. Ru is crazy!!! So the girls that didn’t get the top 4 get to lip sync for $50,000 and a baby title!!! 2 lala paRUza smackdowns! I can’t wait!!!!! Jaida for the 2nd crown and SHEA FOR QUEEN OF ALL!! This has been Cake Moss, follow me bitches! @mscakemoss. Until next week! Get your monkey pox vaccine if you can! See you soon!

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