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Dillon Diaz and Zeno Rey Flip Fuck for Noir Male


You look out the window and see the gardener doing his hard and sweaty work out in your yard. You lick your lips, contemplate the scenario of sex, and decide to go for it. Such is the state of things for Dillon Diaz as he watches gardener Zeno Rey in "Shoot My Shot" over at Noir Male. Diaz is sexy and soft-spoken as he leans in his doorway, offering the workman a cool drink on a hot day, and offhandedly calling him "sexy." This surprises Rey, who says he needs to get back to work. But not for long, as Diaz's words swirl in his head, and he decides to take the home owner up on his offer to relax inside for a bit, making them both ho-moaners. What started off as light and fun flirtations turns into torrid and energetic flip fucking and sucking, leaving both men sweaty and drenched in jizz.

Rey takes Diaz.

Stepping into the house, Rey is quickly on the couch, his tongue in Diaz's mouth as the two smash faces, tasting each other and feeling each other up, their muscles tensing beneath the touch of their hands. These two have great bodies, with Rey being a ripped hardbody and Diaz having a more muscle bear physique. He's clearly been pumping up since I've seen him last! His arms and shoulders bulge and flex as he trades BJs with Rey, the two of them sucking deep on their manhood.

Rey gets his tongue up Diaz's hole as his client squirms and arches his back to allow better access to his searching wet muscle. Hitting the sweet spot, he clearly has an in and is soon pressing his hard shaft deep in Diaz's tight asshole, sliding in and out as Diaz's eyes roll and his moans come low and deep with his pleasure.

Diaz preps Rey.

But these are two versatile kinda guys, and both love the feel of a man's pole punishing their backside. So Rey shifts to his back and allows Diaz to rim him good and proper before spreading his legs wide and taking all that Diaz has to offer. "Open that hole. Squeeze my cock." Diaz commands and Rey obliges as the two meld and rock in unison, forming a gorgeous mass of gyrating, throbbing flesh. They are true fly-fuckers, not satisfied to each get a turn. Rather, they go back and forth several times, pumping, pulling out, flipping over, climbing on top, laying side by side, so many positions are hit as they each can't decide whether it's better to give than to receive. The answer, by the way, is "yes." These two look stunning together, with Rey's well-defined form moving beneath or on top of Diaz's daddy shape until Diaz, humping his gardener to a heaving conclusion, pulls out of Rey's ass and slops his spunk over Rey's humpy butt cheeks.

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