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Poppers Obsession, Roommates That Bang, and Foreplay Only: This Week’s Ask Chad


Well Hello My Favorite Sex-Positive Sluts!

After a two week vacation, I'm back! The last couple weeks have been been filled with fun, sun, and lots of cum. Daddy took us out of this heat and then I got into some hot water of my own when he found me swallowing the sword of more than one hotel staff. Needless to say, I feel extra PrEPped to answer your queries, Queeries! You all sent some great questions in, so thank youand let's dive in...

If you have a question you need some advice on, make sure you send it my way, I'm ready to take it all! Email a bitch: [email protected]

Here's what's got people riled up this week, and check out my responses!

Dear Chad,

My fuck buddy is obsessed with poppers. I mean I love them too but he's always got the bottle to his nose. His dick is too good to stop, but sometimes the smell gives me a headache or he takes too much and loses his boner. Should I say something? What would you do?

King of Poppers


Dear Chad,

My roommate and I hook up sometimes and are good friends. But now he's dating someone and I feel so jealous even though I don't know if I have a right to. What should I do? I don't want it to hurt our friendship. Oh, also we're still hooking up occasionally so makes it even weirder. Help!

Jealous FWB


Dear Chad,

This is gonna sound weird, but I don't ever really want to fuck. Like... at all. At least not butt stuff. I have no sexual trauma in the past or anything weird like that, but I just don't enjoy topping or bottoming. I've bottomed plenty, too, so it's not a comfort thing. I just... don't really enjoy it. And I feel like it's impacting my ability to date seriously, because everybody just wants to know if I'm a top or a bottom, and it's getting frustrating. Why can't we just suck each other off?

Any guidance is appreciated.

Stuck In the Middle With You

Keep the questions coming, nothing is off limits!


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