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Let’s Get Amateur Nasty With Breeding Redneck Cubs with a Cigarette Fetish


There's just something about two bros hunkering down for an afternoon, hanging out, and letting their dicks fly and their libidos get all hot and bothered. So let's get hot and bothered with Mitchell A and Miguel F, two amateurs over at Gay Videos Plus. It's cheap, grainy, low-grade fare, and it's hot as fuck. It's like watching your hot muscle cub neighbor and his buddy get it on while watching them through the patio door. They're both chubby/muscular with nice body hair and plain-as-fuck handsomeness. A buddy of mine uses the term "lumpy" to describe guys like this, those "durpy-dur" kinda dudes schlepping through Home Depot in the t-shirt they picked up off the floor, a bit of belly exposed as they reach up for that belt sander, and contemplating calling that number for a good BJ they read on the stall wall. These two are blue collar/redneck goodness, right down to incorporating smoking as a fetish as they're lighting up and puffing away through much of it. Yes, BTW, smoking is a fetish for some akin to the cigar fetish, found especially in the Bear community who favor fuck-it-all behavior as a complete turn-on.

Mitchell tastes Miguel.

The two start off clothed on the bed, kissing and tonguing each other as they strip their clothes off to get more comfortable. On the couch they can stretch out, light up, and feel each other up as the hard cocks come flopping out and stroked. Just this image, two dudes stroking together, is hot enough for yer boy Hank here, but luckily there's so much more. Both are oral lovers, and Miguel is into Mitchell's hairy hole with hungry fervor, spreading his crack and digging his tongue in deep for some musky manly goodness, getting his buddy nice and wet as his goatee scratches the tender skin, making him quiver and groan. Likewise, Mitchell savors all the hard inches Miguel offers up as he sits back and lets Mitchell bob his head up and down, sucking his meat to ready it for his aching ass. They spend a good amount of time filling their mouths with hard pipe, either in a mutually pleasing 69, or switching back and forth as they swallow their buddy's cock when they don't have a ciggie between their lips.

This right here, a dude pleasing his buddy's hole.

When it comes down to fucking, they become a bucking, passionate couple as Mitchell lays back and spreads his thick thighs to take Miguel's manhood in his well-rimmed ass. He's an erotically vocal bottom, calling out how amazing Miguel's dick feels in him, with urgings to fuck harder and faster. All this masculine energy culminates in some nice cum loads coating Mitchell's belly and well-worked insides.

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