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The Hottest Men of the AHS Franchise


This Thursday, July 21, Season 2 of the American Horror Story spinoff series American Horror Stories returns to FX. Unlike its parent series, American Horror Stories is an anthology, so each episode will be separate from the others, telling a uniquely horrifying tale. This also means we can gear up for a slew of sexy men, with some returning faves and some new studs. Here is a look at the ten hottest men of the AHS franchise.

Morris Chestnut

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Season 1 of AHS had a slew of hot men, with one of the hottest unquestionably being Morris Chestnut. He played Luke, the local cop, in the first season, and as hot as he is in a uniform, as you can see from the above GIF that he's even hotter out of it. Yeesh. Chestnut made his debut as Ricky Baker in the brilliant 1991 film Boyz In the Hood where he was also incredibly sexy. I just think it's really rude that in the middle of one of the worst heat waves around the world right now, Chestnut has the audacity to be this hot.

Cheyenne Jackson

It wouldn't be a list of hot men written by me if I didn't include someone who is a darling of the musical theatre world. Cheyenne Jackson made his break understudying for both male leads in the Broadway production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, but many know him from his recurring role as Danny the "aw shucks" nobody with an incredible voice on Tina Fey's iconic sitcom 30 Rock. Jackson is tall, broad, sexy, gay, and also apparently hung, and for lovers of AHS, they'll remember him as the sexy hotel owner in American Horror Story: Hotel, co-starring Lady Gaga.

Charles Melton

Charles Melton is so fucking hot it's ridiculous. Also making his AHS debut in the 5th season (Hotel), Melton plays one of the sexy hotel guests "Mr. Wu" in the first episode. He is having a threesome with two gorgeous women. Alas he doesn't live to see another day, but before the gorgeous pair murders him, we get to see some very sexy shots of him naked (though sans explicit nudity unfortunately). Then he appeared in last year's AHS: The Naughty List along with some other hot sexy Ryan Murphy men.

Zachary Quinto

Oh, Zachary Quinto. The scruff... the eyebrows... the eternally stern look in your eyes. Quinto has been seen in countless shows, movies, and plays including Heroes, Star Trek, and Boys In the Band, just to name a few. But many will remember him as one of the main characters of the first two seasons of American Horror Story. Quinto played one half of the gay couple in the first season, and we got to see him look kinky as fuck in his full-body latex suit. In S2, he played Dr. Oliver Thredson who puts the psycho in psychotherapist.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer made one hell of a hot impression of fans of American Horror Story: Hotel. Bomer played the model-gorgeous boy toy of Lady Gaga (gayest sentence ever), but not pretend that's his hottest role, shall we? We all know the one I'm talking about... Magic Mike XXL. The sexy 44 year-old wowed audiences with his body and his dance moves alike in the sequel to first movie, and even as I'm writing this I'm getting a Bomer just thinking about it. I might just need to give that movie a re-watch sometime soon. Woof.

B.D. Wong

B.D. Wong is one of those actors who has been in almost every medium of entertainment and every genre within those mediums, as well. Currently, Wong can be seen as the father in the hugely popular Nora From Queens, but he has played everything from villains, to cops, to trans women... the list is seemingly endless. And in every role he plays, at some point you're so lost in his performance that you suddenly think, "Wait... B.D. Wong is sexy as fuck." He won a Tony Award for his role in M. Butterfly, but fans of the AHS franchise will remember him as Baldwin Pennypacker, the warlock teacher at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men.

Finn Wittrock

American Horror Story: Hotel was received to mixed reviews. One critique of it is that all the men on it are mostly white guys who all kind of look alike. So much so that VanityFair even wrote an article about it! Problematic nature of that aside... goddamn there really are a lot of hot-ass men in that season as this listicle clearly demonstrates. Another of the Hotel alums who is sexy as Finn Wittrock. The Broadway stud turned TV star also appeared in AHS Freak Show, Roanoke, 1984, and Double Feature.  This dad-in-real-life can be my Zaddy any day, because Jesus he is sexy.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

If you were born in the Reagan years like I was, then there is an actor we all grew up loving: Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Warner played Theo Huxtable on the iconic The Cosby Show, where he was funny, charming, serious, and sexy all at the same time. People sometimes forget that he was also in American Horror Story: Freak Show, albeit only for one episode. MJW is one of those actors who just keeps getting hotter and hotter with age, which is why I'm so excited he's about to star in Fox's upcoming Accused alongside Wendell Pierce (who is about to be on Broadway in Death of a Salesman).

André Holland

American Horror Story: Roanoke was generally considered one of the weaker seasons in the franchise, but that doesn't mean it didn't also give us some gorgeous eye candy to the tune of André Holland (among others). Many know Holland for his work in the beyond-brilliant, Oscar-winning film Moonlight, but for AHS fans he'll always be Matt Miller, one of the testimonials in Roanoke. Holland is one of those guys I consider "husband hot" which is to say he's hot as fuck, but somehow doesn't seem artificially hot; he's real, and he's real hot.

Denis O'Hare

I know he's unconventionally "sexy" but I think Denis O'Hare is sexy as fuck. He's aging gracefully, and he is doing it VERY well. The gay-in-real-life O'Hare has been in a number of seasons of the American Horror Story franchise, deeply embedding himself into each role like the incredible actor that he is. Not only is he a brilliant actor, but he also is giving us major daddy vibes. If I could look half as handsome as O'Hare does when I'm his age, then I'll consider it a major win. Keep wowing audience everywhere, you sexy fucker.

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