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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 10 Recap: Shady Roasts & Glowing Runways


Sup sluts! Hope you’re staying safe with all those dicks in your mouth! Let’s get into episode 10 of this legends season!! As we know Jinkx and Monet won stars and blocked Raja! Now let’s see what this Kennedy Davenport Center Hall of Shade episode is about. The girls openly talking about the plunger secret cracks me up. Raja is shaming all of them 'cause she found out they lied about the plunger!   I need Shea to win both of these stars the next 2 weeks because how in the FUCK does she only have 1 star!?!? So shocked! The guest judge this week is Ronan Farrow.

I love that Kennedy is such a big part of the episode! She’s so bomb! Ooooooo yay! A roast challenge. The mini challenge is popping booty balloons to determine the roast line up. The lineup for the roast is Jaida is 7th; Trinity is 5th; Jinkx is 4th and a bottom; Monet is 6th; Yvie is 2nd; Shea ran right into that hole, and she’s 3rd; Raja is going first; and that makes Vivienne the closer of the show!

That was a fun little challenge! We love thrusting. Shit, I’m getting thrusted while watching the episode. Shea is feeling the pressure, but needs to really win. Some of the girls have never done a roast so they are being struggle bus to write these jokes. Some of them are literally traveling comics. ‍♀️ I feel like the girls should help Trinity write her jokes since she’s helped make several outfits. And boom look at Jinkx, she’s offering help! Solomon is lovely (iykyk)!! Trinity is very correct with stand up and roasting, it’s easy to be funny off the cuff but it’s harder to lasso it all in and make a funny, relevant set with punch lines that hit. The girls are so funny when they talk and whisper.  I can’t believe next week is the last chance to win a star!! These hoes bettah bring it!!!

Let’s get into this roast, but fuckin' a RuPaul looks so cunt in red hair!! And OMG, not the camera man! LOL.

Raja: Such a great opener! Had me and Ru cracking up!
Yvie: Was good, hits!
Shea: I love the delivery. Bitch is funny but it wasn’t a star worthy roast.
Jinkx: Is probably gonna be in the top 2! HILARIOUS!!!! Gave me a case of the giggles.
Trinity: This bitch is making Ru die!!! Loved the set!
Monet: Kind of trailed off a bit...
Jaida: She lost it but made fun of herself and made it funny!
Vivienne: She was giving me Congress delivery speech, loved it!

Raja: Wow!!! She looks amazing in this laser look.
Yvie: Love the glowing mushrooms!!
Shea: WOWWWWWWW this sun fairy realness!
Jinkx: She’s on fire baby!!!!!
Trinity: Bish!!! Carnival Vegas tea.
Monet: This blue galaxy dress is so gorgeous! I want it!!!!
Jaida: Yes mermaid fantasy!!! Wow!!!!! Water detail is cute.
Vivienne: Loved those wings but not the wig.

Critique time! And rules are being revised. The block power is gone and the plunger is gone! No more blocks. Yet again, no bad or negative critiques this week! 10 episodes in and still not one bad critique about these girls from the judges! That’s crazy!! The top 2 this week are Trinity and Jinkx. Congrats bitches!!! Jinkx now has 4 stars, Trinity has 3! The lip sync this week is to "Kings & Queens" by Ava Max.

I want Trinity's wig so bad. Congrats Jinkx! You got another 10k!!! She be rich after this season. LOL. Next week is the final challenge and the last chance to win a star. Where there is a will there is a way. I feel like she talking to Shea! See you hoes next time is some sort of extravaganza as usual. Until then, follow me @mscakemoss and come see me at Micky's! I have my Saturday brunch and starting Wednesday July 27th myself and Barbie’s Addiction are hosting a new event upstairs called “Wasted Wednesdays” with DJ Paulo Ramirez! Bye kids!


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