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Gaycest Reveals A Dad and Boy Foursome “Neighborhood Secret” Led By Brian Bonds and Tucker Barrett


I know back in my childhood those dads and uncles were always there, grabbing my attention. Built, hairy, understated neighbor studs having no idea the sexual affect they were having on a younger version of yer boy Hank here. Over at Gaycest they don't shy away from exploring those fantasies, even possibly to an uncomfortable degree for some. In "Neighborhood Secret Tape 6: The More the Merrier," Tucker Barrett and his son Marcus visit Tucker's buddy Brian Bonds and his nephew Myott. This scene is part of an ongoing series in which, previously, we've seen Tucker and Marcus redefine their father/son relationship, Tucker fuck his buddy Brian's nephew Myott, and Brian and his nephew banging after Brian discovers Myott is a fan of his older online videos he'd posted in his less settled days. So when Brian invites Tucker and his kid over for drinks, a full-out slamfest was really just inevitable.

(L-R) Brian, Myott, Marcus, Tucker

There's something deliciously and unapologetically pervy about the whole scenario, and I don't mind saying it was a total turn-on. Brian and Tucker are handsome hairy gents who would be comfortable in the Bear community as Muscle Bear and Otter respectively, while their boys are smooth and slender sorts. Brian starts things off when he motions his nephew to sit on his lap, sharing deep kisses and body rubbing as Marcus and Tucker sit close by watching and fondling each other. Simply the act of putting on this blatant display is erotic and enticing and totally does the trick as Marcus, at his dad's urging, joins Myott on their knees in orally pleasuring Mr. Bonds thick meat. Brian has in incredible body, thick and built with a fat delicious cock, and watching his buddy Tucker stroke his own pole as his balls bounce on the couch while the two youngsters work his dick is a huge boner inducer.

A tasty rim session commences when Marcus' cheeks are stretched by Dad, and Brian motions his nephew into the same position, the two older men eating the kids' holes with hungry aplomb. These bearded faces serving the youths is especially gratifying to watch. Tucker really seems to love tasting his son, continuing to lap at his hole and swallow his young cock down as Brian presses his flared head against his nephew's ass and presses in, forcing his way deep as Myott lets out a long moan of satisfaction. The pumping builds into a steady rhythm, either working him from behind or sitting back as Myott straddles him and rides him in a reverse cowboy.

Weirdly the two men don't switch and share their younger men with each other, as one would expect. Of course this may be too on point to the genre, or they didn't want to appear to be imitating the trope from Twink trade. But no matter, the idea that they're having their boys in front of each other is a whole other kink played out in the open in and of itself. Culminating with Brian and Tucker simultaneously fucking their cream deep inside their boys as the two younger men stare into each other's eyes as their asses are ridden is a sweaty, hearty way to bring this chapter to a close. Now, I'm just hoping that in a future chapter, Brian and Tucker get some of their own fucking in between the two of them, showing their boys how it's done!

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