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Between The Cheeks: (Vol 1, No 11) A Sex-Filled Weekend at a Fornication Retreat in Rural Georgia – Pt2


Cybersocket Unplugged Ryan Carter

I’m Ryan Carter and welcome to  “Between The Cheeks,” where I share explicitly about my on-camera and off-camera sexcapades, as well as give sex and relationship guidance when it relates to the topic at hand.

I’m an adult performer, in an open marriage, an ethical slut, and a mental health professional, with a specialization in sex, relationships, trauma and addiction. This unique combination of experiences, talents, and attributes helps me to fully embrace my authentic sexual self and step into sexual experiences either by myself or with my husband, Digger, or with one or more of our pups (no, not actual dogs, but men we’ve collared and brought into our chosen family). This includes hookups, 3-ways, 4-ways, groups, whore outs, gang bangs, performing in porn and playing at sex parties.

Everything I write about in this column is true and actually happened. I am not making up stuff to write about.

I spent the weekend in Collins, GA with fellow performers, Ray Dalton,Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, and Reuben Foxxx. The hosting campground, called The Hideaway, is about 30 minutes south of the interstate and nestled off a dirt road behind a tall privacy fence with a motorized gate. It’s pretty secure and there's lots of sex behind those tall fences.

After the first round of talks on Saturday, I was on 'pool patrol' which means I was to be mingling with the guests for a few hours, which I love doing... and playing with some if we're all into it. Consent is everything. I looked across the water and Dallas Steele had a sexy fucker bent over the lounge chair that he was drilling. Next up was the blow job contest EMCEE'ed by Ray Dalton with his sexy booming authoritative voice. I volunteered my dick and stood in a line with 5 other 'judges' at the edge of the pool. Six contestants got on their knees and worked over every judges' dick. The guy that won gave an incredibly sloppy wet blowjob. He was the same guy Dallas was fucking earlier. He stood up and I leaned over to ask him if he wanted to get fucked and bred next. "YES!" he eagerly replied. I led him by his arm to the back shed where a sling is set up in the dark. He jumped in and pulled his cheeks apart for my rock hard cock. I spit on his hole and pushed my cock assertively into his hole - his ass opened right up and my cock slid fully into him with a groan from both of us together. He was slick and opened up immediately. A smile plastered across his face as I bent over to make out with him while I pumped his hole. He felt so fucking good. That hole was warm, not too tight and his ass lips wrapped around my shaft each time my cock slid out of him. I fucking LOVED this!

I could feel my nuts well up with sperm and tighten as I was about to blow. I looked this guy in his deep dark eyes and told him, "Here it comes!" His only reply: "Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Sir!" I was loving this weekend!! I collapsed onto his sweaty chest as my cock pulled out, dripping sperm right out of his hole onto the floor. I pulled him up out of the sling and we rejoined the pool. Did everyone notice we walked back in to the pool area together after fucking? Hell yeah they did! And we just smiled and ate it up.

After the pool party, I returned to my cabin to rest then shower up for the night's event, the Fornication Sex Party. This leather play/sex party is designated bareback, no drugs (the whole weekend, actually), and friendlyand I can personally attest that all are true.

I arrived with Dallas Steele and we made our way directly to the slings...  right where we both love.

More to come in Part 3 about this incredible weekend in the next episode of Between The Cheeks!


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