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Bear Daddy Marc Angelo Bottoms For Logan Stanley Over at Bear Films


So, right off the bat, can I get a WOOOOOF!?! Bear Films, in their second pairing of Marc Angelo and Logan Stanley, is giving us Muscle Daddy Bear Angelo with his heavily tatted, pierced, salt-n-pepper hawtness alongside the understated handsomeness of ginger Cub Stanley. And in this go-round, it's Stanley who gets the pleasure of plundering Angelo's hole, allowing the older gent to climb into the bottom bunk. Usually Angelo is hired to top a hole, but he loves getting fucked just as much as the next guy, and Stanley is eager to fill that ass with his beautiful dick.

These two are so hot together I could just watch that opening make-out session and it would (almost) be enough to satisfy. They playfully smile and giggle as their tongues intertwine, tasting and teasing their lips and beards and mouths as they gently paw at each other's hairy flesh underneath. Ditching the shirts, they gain access to tits, to pits, to more flesh to get in their hungry mouths.

Why yes, Logan, I do wish that was me there!

Stanley is on his knees quickly, swallowing down Angelo's daddy dick, but Angelo is apparently in bottom mode because this doesn't last long before he's taking Stanley's long meat down his own throat, savoring every inch, getting it nice and wet for his crack. Flipping over, the powerfully built Daddy spreads his hairy hole for the inquisitive ginger Cub to drive his über cute face into and get a taste of his man, licking and lapping those furry cheeks, swirling his tongue around the swords of hair, making Angelo squirm with desire as he pushes his ass back onto Stanley's face. This guy needs to get filled and his Stanley's tongue muscle, though delightful, isn't quite the thing to finish the job.

Stanley presses his lengthy pole against Angelo's twitching sphincter and with an easy push, he's in deep and pumping away, eliciting a steady stream of "OH FUCK" from his bottom as he pummels his hole, showing him what younger guys are capable of. Some times a rhythmic and steady in-and-out, sometimes a pause before a vigorous thrust, Stanley works Angelo's hole with masterful technique. On his back, Angelo's eyes are rolling back in his skull as his backside is pummeled. And back on his hands and knees, his excitement and lust boils over as he's taken from behind until he's jacking a thick stream of cream from his own manhood all over the ottoman. "Oh fuck, I'm so fucked" is probably the best way to verbalize what he just experienced. Of course, Stanley's not going to leave this undrained. Shifting his buddy around, it doesn't take long to fill Angelo's mouth with his own spunk as he's sucked to completion by a hungry Bear.

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